Ranger Nerf and Buff

So after doing tons of dungeons I realized the ranger can take a few hits and does decent damage but one thing I couldn’t find was a good distance to stand, I know 30 meters is where you get max damage, but I think I could go further maybe 100 meters, so I am proposing you add an additional buff to the rangers skill that increases damage the further away you are from your target, if I hit the target from 30 I do good damage but I wanna hit my target from 100-115 and do insane damage. The further you are should make your damage higher and the more your bar is charged up from a further distance the the more damage you should do so to explain.

30-49 meters and a minimum bar should do 3k damage at least with level 30 gear.

30-49 meters and a middle bar should do around 9-10k

30-49 meter and a full bar should do 18-20k damage

50-89 meters and I minimum bar should do 2k damage

50-89 meters and a middle bar should do 11-12k

50-89 meters full bar should do 30-33k

90-115 meters minimum bar should do 1.5k

90-115 meters middle should do 13-14k

90-115 meters max bar should do 70-77k

Anything higher minimum bar should do 1k and a 100% crit

Middle 15k and a 100% crit

Max 83k and a 100% crit

I think the one flaw would be if the boss room is to small for anyone to get 50-100 meters away from the boss.

Oh yeah and all of the ones above 30 meters and that are max should be a charged shot damage since the time it would take to align your shot the arrow would most likely be charged

A few issues here:

1: Quest users lose sight of enemies around the 50 meter mark. That’d be incredibly unfair for them.

2: Ranger isn’t balanced for that. We can already hit incredibly high numbers.

3: It’s unlikely to come up often. Few fights can support you standing 50+ meters away.