Ranger skill cap


A good rangers feels much worse (and probably is much less powerful) than a good mage which is kind of annoying. I think this could be fixed by giving precision rangers a weak spot indicator that if hit would do lots more damage and then would move somewhere else on the monster. Also maybe the farther away you are the more damage is delt


Ideally it’d be by body part or weak point, which would stay in the same spot on the monster but move as it moves, turns, or attacks… I think that makes more sense than a randomly jumping target. Also would be great to have weak points within others (eg. Shot to the body =x1, head =x2, eye =x3)

But I think with the amount of times this has been suggested, without any response from the devs, that the plan is to have the same blobby hit boxes for the foreseeable future. I would love for a dev to tell me I’m wrong, but don’t get your hopes up for this

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Pretty sure this is a thing already, I might be wrong but I believe it’s a 10% damage boost from 40m, maybe 20% with talents?

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its not, there is a single talent that does that but i forget how much it gives u.

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I mean there’s still the orbs which give a 42%? damage boost if you get them all


Those are so easy to get I would consider them adding to the skill cap in any way


true, just the way he phrased it seamed like he thought there was no DPS increase the further away you were


Just to clarify meant a more continuous increase instead of set points so you would want to be as far away as possible while still being close enough to hit weak spots. So it doesn’t cap at 40m


I may be mistaken but the further you are, the more ult charged that is generated.

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