Ranger, Skills and Health

This is request for the dev’s.

1st) I love playing the Ranger, but I have a few concerns about the location of the indicators on the bow. I am right handed and when I am at any sort of range from my target I have to look through the indicators, and it makes it very hard to see what I am trying to hit. I like that I can see them nice and clear I just wish they were out of my LOS. Can we maybe get a option to change the location? Personally I think they’d be better served if they were in the handle, that way they are out of LOS completely.

2nd) The trap is mediocre at best. I think the idea is really good I just don’t like the functionality of the trap. If I pull a mob and it pulls a group I try to place a trap that you throw out like an old dish rag! If I am in any kind of life or death situation and a little bit excited I may not even get the trap away from my body. Because sometimes it just feels like it’s Tethered to you and no matter what you do you can’t get rid of it, like a bad girlfriend. I just feel like the trap is a complete coin toss on if it is even going to work. I wish I could throw the trap like a Boomerang or Chinese Star at least then it would still feel true to the Ranger concept.

3rd) The arrow location, I can’t understand why the arrows are in front of me on my left side hanging off of my belt, reaching across my body to grab a my second Arrow is uncomfortable to say the least! Pulling arrows from a single location is far more comfortable and reliable than having to bend at the knees or bend at my back to reach across my body just to grab my secondary Arrow. I would like to see the arrows lined up on my right side or my left side depending on whether or not I’m shooting right or left handed. Rangers are firing at an incredibly fast rate even when we are coming to full draw trying to maximize our damage we are still firing way more than anybody else. It is incredibly physically demanding it take’s a lot of stamina and endurance. That being said making us reach across her body to grab our secondary Arrow just feels like punishment.

I really do love the Ranger, it is by far my favorite class in the game. I plan on making the Ranger my main class. I just really hope that we have some options if not changes.

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