Ranger special arrow and trap interaction results in disappearing special arrow

Issue: If you attempt to throw a trap while holding a special arrow, the special arrow reverts to a normal arrow but does not re-appear in its slot and does not respawn until you reset the entire arrow UX by putting the nromal arrow behind your back and re-grabbing it


  1. Grab special arrow (Piercing arrow for example) to hold in hand (your right hand for example)
  2. Grab trap while special arrow is being held
  3. Throw trap (Notice how the special arrow still visually shows)
  4. Fire arrow at enemy (Notice how damage dealt is equal to a normal attack instead of special arrow)
  5. Look down to grab special arrow as it must not have been shot
  6. Special arrow is missing from slot it should be at, waiting past the cooldown time does not make special arrow re-appear

The special arrow is gone until you put your normal arrow away and pull it back out to reset the arrows. It shows up instantly without needing the cooldown. Without doing this I can’t seem to grab the special arrow and it doesn’t show visually anyways.

I’ve added this to our tracking system, thanks for reporting!

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