Ranger trap not setting properly

I have done a search for “ranger trap issues” and the majority are for throwing. I don’t have a issue with the throwing mechanic. The throwing seems good enough for now.

My issue is I cant seem to set the trap anywhere unless I physically kneel and set it on the ground…(occasionally I can throw it in battle and it will explode once it hit the enemies’ face.) But tossing the trap 5 - 10 feet in front of me before battle or dropping it directly in front of me, the trap will come to rest ON TOP of the grass and not set and return to my chest.

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In what area are you experiencing this issue?

Pretty much any grassy area.

The trap will be tossed fine but rest on top the blades of grass frozen for a second or two then return to my chest as if it cancelled the toss. But if I’m in a battle I can toss it like a bomb at the enemy’s face and it’ll explode on impact, mid air.

I’ve noticed this issue as well, particularly problematic in the “tall” grasses, though any cosmetic covering can cause it. Makes the trap unreliable much further out than arm’s distance, but perhaps that’s the intention?

As a note/feature request, I would love if you could launch the trap using the bow (it already looks like it would work if you draw while it’s in hand, but it just fires an arrow instead). The throwing range seems limited and difficult to reliably set (especially infuriating with the grass thing) and I feel like traps would be more effective in dungeons with that added range, given that they’re on a huge cooldown vs poly morph.

So I uninstalled/ reinstalled and messed with the graphics settings and went from standard to low to ultra… the trap has successfully set in all graphics settings…so far. Thanks for the replies.

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