Ranger tutorial

A ranger tutorial for anyone looking to get better!


you forgot the part where you shoot da bad guys in da face!


Couldn’t watch it, was driving me insane having your cursor in the middle of the screen, I just couldn’t move it out of the way :sob:

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great now you’ve pointed it out to me


Use your finger xD
Actually I didn’t notice it :frowning:
Orbus always makes that stuff go away >:[]
Well is supposed to anyway

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I think you have to turn it off on OBS if that’s what you used to record

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No, I use GeForce
I’ll figure it out for next time
As long as it’s kind of clear cool
I’m not the best at explaining things :sweat_smile:

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ive found in most cases that when I had my 30 meter build I found it difficult to consistently hold 30 meters at all times while also doing boss mechanics, and fighting mobs and such.

at times if i get poisoned im out of bounce heal range, or if i pull agro for some reason mobs can lose agro completely or it can cause problems for the rest of the group, causing dps drop in some cases

although I am curious if there are numbers compare to consistent 30 meter damage to 15 meter build ranger, because I definitely want to be doing as much damage as possible, but it seems that the potential trade-off is a little too high i think. am I incorrect?

(also on a side note i used only like 5 shards and I got bleed and iceheart, lucky ducky)

  1. Oh my god you’re lucky!
  2. So that’s the thing
    On mobs, I only get 15 meters and that’s it
    If I can get 30, I’ll do it although they’re little
    I did some testing and the difference between 15 and 30 meters is quite a bit
    I got really really low with 15 meters (it was a while ago so I don’t remember but I think around 25k or somethinggggg?) and 35k with 30m (this is when I hit 30 with a +5)
    Basically what I’m saying, is you aren’t the only dps
    Get as much distance as possible, but I say keep 30 meters
    I guess you could switch talents but that eats up a ton of forgetfulness potions (I may have misunderstood everything you just said :sweat_smile:)

ok, im going to get on within the next few days and do some testing to find out the optimal talents, im sure landru has them, probably rickness too. @Rickness_Voidwalker I need your wisdom!

i definitely want to do as much damage as possible, but my guildmates always nag me for being out of bounce heal range when I was a 30 meter ranger, but maybe they will have to deal with it in the name of dps

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Okay when I was running gorgon on 30 meters, I just said when I needed healing and that seemed to work
Would this work with you?
See part of healing is adjusting

gorgon would probably be fine

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No no like in general
I mean I can’t think of any way to really fix that :confused:

I use the 15m talents, landru uses both, he drinks forgetfulness potions to switch it up, he’s still the best ranger in the game and pulls higher numbers than me, partly due to talents partly just because he’s so skilled

I prefer to stay on the 15m talents due to soloing in the overworld a lot and some dungeons just being terrible for getting 30m on and I like keeping my weight down so carrying potions of forgetfulness isn’t an option for me, if we had a system where we could have 2 sets of talents and switch between then I would probably have a set for each but the Devs have never responded to those suggestions so I’m guessing it will either never happen or not happen any time soon


yeah I was just thinking of using forgetfulness potions when i go to raids or something, but I guess I could also expand that to certain dungeons.

thank you for the help

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How much do you pull with 15 meters?

To keep the 30 meter talent being useful as ranger you need to following conditions being true:

  • Have 30 meters xD
  • Actively try to stay and move again to 30 meters and put face in walls on scenarios like broken hall to keep 30 meters.
  • Have one of the best tanks in the game hold the mobs hittable, and also being very used to 30 meter rangers and position those mobs/bosses that way. I am not gonna lie, I think that is only me…
  • Have not a single player being standing in the way of the trash hitboxes. Which is very easy to do to a 30 meter ranger.
  • Have a very good healer used to 30 meter rangers and splitting out heals between close and far range.
  • Don’t have wildcreatures as affix
  • Never do sewer slime boss xD
  • Never have a shaman with you for some bosses (second airship, mistkeeper, etc) or you have to choose between fuck the ranger, or fuck the shaman.

I must say 30 meter ranger although the highest dps layout of ranger is not only the lowest of the 4 dps, it is also the most f you to any player not having all those very tight conditions true. While those are almost all not controllable by the player itself.


Yeah that’s on dungeons like broken halls I switch to 15 meters and if on 30 meters only get globes cause they’re way too small

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