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Dear Orbusvr creators, this game is fun do not get me wrong, however if you were to implement high teir valuble items that are tradable and extremely valuable as rare drops from monsters this game would be much more addicting than it is now, I am telling you this because I want to see this game more populated please take this into consideration.

Sincerely, Trump Change


The current version of this in the game would be dyes.


Everesent shard and toxic wast die :wink:


That is good that we have those however it just does not nearly cut we need more variety of rare valuable drops please

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Ya, toxic waste and shards are rare, but I don’t think thats what he means. Those items are rare because no one farms them so there in short supply. I would like to see stuff like rare gear or cool rare mog sets or pets. I mean things you really have to farm for things that are at like 0.01% chance and take 1000+ kills to get from common mobs or rare spawn mobs would be cool to. The only thing that I would say is around how I would like to see things drop for truly rare drops would be the pets in the raids. They can be a pain to get sometimes if your unlucky but it’s so satisfying when you get it.


i hate rare items. i dont like RNG. i play an action combat game because RNG is garbage.


That’s what the economy is for, you can have everything you want without having to do what is needed to get it.

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Jester balls, raid pets, raid gear, ledgendaries, and perfekt gear is all none tradable but extreamly rare drops.

Powdered blue and toxic waste are both tradable and extreamly rare.

Bloody flesh and eye worms used to be rare. Then people complaned, and now they drop a lot.


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And that’s fine you don’t have to like RNG or rare items. There are plenty of other things you can do. Not everyone is going to like farming but there are people, such as myself, that love grinding and farming for rare items. It’s a fun way to pass the time when there’s nothing to do.


So there are a few areas we are going to focusing on this time around for rare drops.

  • Dyes
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Transmog Styles (so basically, equipment that comes with no stats but you can transmog your current equipment into) – including both things like the silver/gold foil of dropped gear as well as entirely new armor designs that can only be acquired through different mean
  • Titles
  • Capes

You’ll acquire these items via:

  • Hidden/epic quest chains. These are not RNG dependent and I’m sure they will become “less rare” as more and more people figure out how to do the quests, but there will be some quest chains in the game that have many steps that reward “rare” items.
  • Low RNG drops (e.g. like the gold foil, which is actually going to be even rarer than it is in the current Beta, I just wanted to make sure it was working).
  • Reputation rewards which will require quite a bit of time spent working on gaining that rep (e.g. a couple of month’s worth of work probably)

So, we’re going for a blend of some things that are just straight low-RNG, but other things that are predictable to obtain but still require a lot of extra effort. Also all of these items are cosmetic/optional.

As for whether they are tradable, probably at least some will be (e.g. the RNG drops that aren’t gear) but the rep rewards and quest rewards likely would not be.

This is of course in addition to things like fish, harvestables, and things like that which have varying difficulty to obtain and rarity and are intended to be a part of the economy.


Why aren’t all of these things tradeable? Just curious :grinning:


A tradeable cape or reputation reward…? I mean, the sense of these items is to show-off what you did, not what you bought. Darn glad the Jester Balls are not tradeable :wink:

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that sounds very exciting thank you

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