Ray Spells don't shoot properly

In my continued attempt to make True Affliction useful (it’s not and won’t ever be until fixes are implemented), I’ve been trying to use Arcane Ray but the spell’s graphics do not line up with the actual hitbox. I have to aim about one foot to the right of my target, hitting complete air in order to deal damage.

This is frustrating because the useless talent is now even more useless because a huge aspect of it relies on you knowing that to hit the target, you have to completely MISS the target. This is not in line with OrbusVR’s skill based combat.


That is rough.

Is this an index specific bug? I only have index so I cant verify if it happens on other platforms or if wand orientation matters at all.

This is on Quest 2 through Steam.

Happens on index as well. Hit box is slightly to the left of default wand position; no idea about wand repositioning tho

After a bit more testing on my alt, I believe it’s due to weapon adjustment. When I reset to the normal adjustment, my ray hit just fine (although my wrist felt wonky due to the angle lol). When I adjusted the weapon to a more comfortable angle… I have no idea where my actual ray is, but it’s definitely not in line with the graphic.

I need to put my wand basically into the floor for arcane Ray or ice lance to actually hit

This is probably why when trying to help others on how to hit there icelance, super and arcane ray its never correct as each person has there adjustment slightly different.

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This is a weird one, as you would assume the hit detection ray would be cast along the wand vector, and as such weapon position should not matter at all.

Clearly this is not the case.

This one is on the todo list to investigate further, I think the base angle for Vive is lower than the default wand as well.

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