Realm Defender isn't working [Solved]


I’ve waved at the turn in guy from every possible angle and he won’t open the menu to turn stuff in. I’ve done all the tricks to reload etc. Has anyone else besides Quinn run into this issue?


Is it still going on for you, after rebooting the game? Has anyone else experienced this so far?


This was happening to me last night. Rebooted everything to no avail. Is it possible that being extremely overencumbered prevents you from interacting with him? I didn’t expect it would but as of now my character is sitting in front of him with 200 ruined potions but he won’t respond.


Yeah still an issue. I’m also extremely over encumbered.


Okay, yeah, I believe that is why - normally you can’t interact with NPCs if you’re that encumbered.


would there be a way to create an exception for this npc? The required 200 Ruined Potions requirement is a real pain in this instance.


I don’t think so at this point, but this hopefully shouldn’t be an issue for the future deliveries with other items. Sorry about that.


No worries. I know it’s the last day for this DtR requirements. I was also thinking of future potential requirements. If that won’t be an issue I have no problem running back and forth a few times. Thanks for clearing that up for me!


Damn I am having the same issues, another 15 minutes until I would have arrived there


If you log out and then back in you get a full movement bar. I had to do that once before to get some potions into my basement


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