Realm-Event: The great Cloth Scraps Confusion - Turn in or not or what?

Ok I could not find the posting, but others said somewhere on the unofficial discord (really?) a dev apparently told that Cloth Scrap will be needed for the uncapped event BUT it will yield more points than Cloth Scraps which are turned in a week(???) before that?

C’mon wait what? Everyone who missed that post will miss out on points for turning in Cloth Scraps this week or…?

How hard can it be to not post inside information for a fraction of playerbase but rather fix this number and make it count same points regardless of time turned in… and is that even (still) true or will we miss out entirely if we hold on to our Cloth Scraps??

Clarification from devs side highly appreciated!



"the items, I don’t think I can share the list but I have a note to mention that one of the coming weeks will have cloth scraps accidentally worth less than a week following it. So if you want to get the most points don’t turn in the cloth scraps the first week and wait for the week after.

That was our bad and we didn’t intend to have them twice, so just letting you know"

But another confirmation would be great… Because I still don’t trust it…


ROFL :joy_cat:

I was going to make a post here on the forums in the announcements when we unlock the cap to make sure the information is available to everyone.

But yes, currently the cloth scraps are worth fewer points than they will be next week, and it was an unintentional mistake on our part to have them repeat. If you want to get the most out of it after the uncap, we recommend waiting for next week to turn all the ones you have in beyond the cap.


Ok but I still don’t really understand it. How hard is it to change a number to match the points so that warning to hold on to stuff is obsolete. All the players who neither follow all posts on forums nor all discord announcement, and I believe that’s alot, will be fooled, still, turning in their stuff now.

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