Realm quest half switched early?


According to my journal, the realm quest has switched kill targets prematurely, but the points have not reset for ppl who have already completed this week’s kills?

This week is scaled sprites, but the game is now requiring a different monster.


I was confused by this too. Started looking for the “Melbeghen” whatever that is. Then realised it might be bugged?


I killed like 10 sprites then checked my book to see that it’s all jacked up! I dont have a lot of time and could use it fixed soon.


Sorry about this it looks like I entered the wrong date for the switch (it happened today, Monday at 12am instead of Tues) though you can still receive points towards this weeks total by killing the Dinos located at the Zoological Gardens until midnight tonight. These will also be the monsters you will hunt for this coming weeks DTR, I apologize for the mistake and will double check the remaining dates to confirm they switch on the right date.


are those guys the same as the ones in rainforest dungeon? those guys give points for the quest


yeah but they should not give points cause they don’t have the scaled prefix


they do give points. we ran 3x rainforest shard and got all 1k points.


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