Reborn armor labeling for each class


Hey Riley,

Would it be possible to add class Id’s for the armor in reborn. With all the classes now, it is difficult to identify which chest plate, gloves, etc…are for which class.

Bill Edwrds



Fairly confident that they did it this way so they could have heavy armor for all tank classes, cloth armor for the squishies, etc.

If you’re asking for it to just say ‘Usable by X, Y, and Z’ on the tooltip, I can get behind that


even better yet a ‘show usable’/‘show unusable’/‘show all’/‘show materials’ select in the inventory (drool)


Or automated sort functions?
Or separate selection boxes for different classes so we don’t have to fill our entire inventory with gear (hopefully with selectors for each class in case you want to have two sets of heavy gear because your paladin and warrior are different levels)?


all of those things are good, inventory management is definitely a bit klunky and was a minor annoyance in the original game. Although you could get ahead of it by managing your tabs and staying vigilant. As a new player though it’s overwhelming, you get 3 tabs of trash (or even fill up) before you really get hip to the ‘break down into shards’ stuff (at least that was my original experience).

I’d love a ‘break it ALL down’ button TBH!


It’s difficult to tell which armor is for what class since most look alike.