Reborn Beta 1: Day Two General Thread


Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us yesterday for the start of the Beta, or if you’re just now logging in, there’s still plenty of time to get on and have some fun.

Yesterday started off a bit rocky with a major client-side issue which was leading to all kinds of craziness. Unfortunately it was just one of those bugs that doesn’t show up until 50 people are all online in the same area spamming their new Bard marimbas at the same time :slight_smile: That should now be resolved, as well as another issue which was leading to menus not working properly for some folks.

Today we’ll be focusing more on the server-side part of the equation, working through some bugs which are causing high latency spikes. We’ll also be fine-tuning some things based on your feedback. And on that note, please keep the feedback coming! We’re all very interested to see what you have to say about the game and we’ve already made several internal corrections to some things we were planning/had done based on your thoughts.

If you are still experiencing any major issues, such as crashes or something that looks like it’s definitely not working how it should, please be sure to use the Report Bug feature in the bottom-left part of the Launcher. Just exit the game, start the Launcher, submit your report, then hop back in. That automatically sends us a copy of your output log which gives us some detailed info to help us track things down.

For reference, here’s the latest patch download:




We just pushed out a server-side patch with the following changes:

  • There is now some latency correction built into the casting bars for enemies. So it should be easier to dodge/interrupt them even if you are on a higher-latency connection. (Note that this is more of a band-aid to the underlying latency spike issue than anything and we’re still working on the root cause).
  • If a monster in a group retreats, its buddies will now do so as well. So you can no longer e.g. pull the small guys out of a group with a big named boss to kill just them (unless you actually kill them before the retreat happens of course).
  • The drop rate in general has been doubled for gear and weapons.
  • Level scaling was not enabled in the swamp zone on accident, this should now be fully corrected.



There goes all ability to solo as a musky…


What were you soloing before with that which you can’t now? The groups of two rushers?


Okay so sorry for anyone was just online, one of those fixes had a small bug I had to re-fix, haha. Should be good to go now.


Aww, but the swamp was nice and challenging :-p


So over the next few minutes I will be running some profiling on the main zone thread to try and track down some of the cause of the lag spikes. That will require me to restart the zone a couple of times and also may affect performance. My apologies in advance, thank you for your service to lag-finding science.


Okay, done with that for now, sorry for the frequent restarts there.


When charging with warrior it would stop me from using my sword after, no matter how I swung it, it wouldn’t do damage, it would still vibrate as if I was hitting, but no sound or damage

Warrior Charge icon also broken like the Ranger Charge shot icon was


Okay, so good news everyone! Thanks to the magic of science we think we have tracked down the root cause of the server-side latency spikes and are rolling out a fix now on the Beta server. Note that this will not necessarily fix every lag issue, but it fixes the major one that was happening about once a minute or two on the whole server. I’ll keep working on the rest as well.

Please let me know if this feels better to you now.



Bard aggro is wayyy messed up at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s just me but when in a group taking colossus, The only way I gain aggro anywhere is If I’m the first one to walk too close to the mob, or if I hit it with a damage crescendo. After I do gain aggro everything works as intended. This is also an issue pulling mobs on my own as well. Sometimes even if I do hit the big guys in the jungle with crescendo (one of them in particular) it de-aggros immediately. Walking close to it does not help this and I’m able to rub it’s belly with no repercussions.

Yesterday the bard would take aggro a mile away without having to have their instrument even out, but at least it’s better than having to always build up crescendo or walk into mobs to fight…


Interesting, okay. Clearly went too far in the other direction, haha.


We’ve just put out a new server-side patch which should have some additional performance improvements to help reduce latency spikes. Thanks!


Once again no clue where to post that but in the Beta I generally had a harder time than in the original game putting weapons away behind my back, especially the bard with its two drumsticks (are we really supposed to put away one after each other to finally make the marimba vanish…), but also my musky gun, sometimes it needed several tries.


I concur. I have had more difficulty getting drops put in my backpack as well. I thought they were in, turn around, and there they are on the ground again.


Having played as a mage to level 20 in OrbusVR and level 5 in Reborn, I am sorry to say that my overall view is disappointment. I had hopes for a higher level of maturity in game play. Topping my list is the continued existence of protruding corners that catch you as you walk by. Why is this the only game where that is a such a problem? To add to that, there are now invisible protrusions from rocks in Reborn. Even though I have clear line-of-sight to the target, my spell bursts on an unseen protrusion from a rock or similar stationary object.


I also had a lot of trouble with this, also grabbing arrows blindly wasn’t easy as it seemed like there was difference on how much you turned your head before you body would move unlike how it currently is in the live Orbus game, where your body just always moves as you turn your head, it made it a lot harder, not a fan of it myself as the stuff you want to grab isn’t where you’re expecting it to be and it’s certainly harder to grab a weapon when you’re in a rush


Yeah we made this change for the Bard (since having it just parented to the “head” made it almost impossible to play the instrument), but I can see how it would be an issue for the sheathing and I can move that back to head-based rotation rather than “torso” based.

What about for the other items on the chest and belt like the Ranger arrows, Warrior horn, compass, etc.? Did people like it better the new way where you can actually turn your head a bit and “see” without them rotating right away?


i thought it was nicer for the arrows.