Reborn Beta 1: Final Evening


Hey everyone,

The Beta server will remain online until around 11 PM US Central Time tonight (which is about 4 hours from this post). So there’s still a little time to squeeze in one last play session if you haven’t had a chance to test things fully yet.

We’ve been looking over your feedback throughout the weekend and we’ll be doing a review of it as a team throughout this week. Even if we weren’t able to individually respond to every point made, I assure you that I have personally read every post made and we will be taking it all into consideration. There are some things that we did in the new Beta that it seems like a lot of people really enjoyed and there are other things that seemed like they were a big miss, and still other things that I hadn’t really considered us needing to change but we will take a look at now.

Overall, I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the time out of their weekend to play in the Beta and give us their thoughts. Your feedback really helps drive us forward and make the game better. Although we still have a long way to go before Reborn will be fully playable and all of the new features, activities, and content is in, I hope that this gave you a chance to get a preview of the stuff we’ve been working hard on behind the scenes and how far the game has come in a lot of areas, particularly the art style, graphical performance, and new activities. There were some fairly major issues with the Beta when it first began in terms of client-side errors and latency spikes, most of which have been resolved at this point, and the rest of which we will have fixed before the next test now that we know what the specific issues are.

I’ll likely do a follow-up blog post next week with more specific takeaways and thoughts as well as an outline of what will be coming in the next test, so look forward to that. In the mean time, thanks again for spending some time this weekend with us, and we’ll see you again in a few short weeks for the next test!



Okay, that’s a wrap! Thanks!


So much fun! Damn just got kicked offline :joy: had to squeeze in another 30 minutes. :grin:Even though I only got about 3 hours of overall gameplay this weekend, I still was able to reach level 4 on my mage, capture some squirrels, and do a bunch of dragon racing and exploring. Loving the new artwork and sounds, wish there was an option for long hair as all the girlish hair options were up-do’s, can’t wait for the next beta. :tada:


I already miss racing with my dragon :sob:
Had a lot of fun on this beta, from exploring the new world to raid the named moster with a lot of people as well as solo for more challenge and, most of all, the dragon racing!
One thing that amazed me from the start is the great variety of avatars, although everyone had the same armor, they were all different and you could easily tell who was who without reading the names (and the number of options was pretty limited on this test, can’t wait to see the full version).


Some more feedback from the weekend, I spent a lot of time doing the combat related stuff, I did the weekly quests, got everything to level 5, explored the new areas, had a lot of fun with friends, played the mini games, I’ll start with the combat:

Movement in combat
Felt a lot worse, our movement felt very restricted, if you’ve made this change purely to stop adds from being kited, just increase mob movement speed slightly. Chasing after mobs as a warrior because of their new movement with the new AI, didn’t feel good

New AI
The new mobs sometimes backed up into walls, or randomly ran around to the point where it was more annoying than anything else, it wasn’t like it was dodging it was just trying to move away and not quite getting it right? not quite sure what it was.

Charge Bars
The new charge bars to replace AoE need a little work, when charging “Smash” if you moved too soon it would move with you and hit you anyway, if you moved too late you got hit, the window felt too small. Could do with making it slightly more obvious which charge attacks are interrupt-able and which aren’t. The reduced cooldown on muskies gravity orb was a nice change, warrior’s stun was good unless you accidentally use it because the mob moves and you need to try and get back into position, as always, mages are OP with their unrestricted utility, Rangers Charge shot should have it’s charge time reduced to 1 second by default, like when you have the talent on the live game and then that talent can be changed to something else.

So there has already been a ton of feedback on bard already and I didn’t play it too much myself, I think my biggest issues were:

  • The marimba was in my way, when I was up a hill and trying to pull a mob down the hill, I couldn’t see a thing,
  • I didn’t like the zigzag path my attack took, made it really difficult to aim
  • Was hard to tell what was going on
  • Clicked orbs on/off a lot while trying to use my crescendo, sometimes got the crescendo stuck to the orb
  • Passive abilities were hard to work out if they were working or not

As other have mentioned already, being able to see the goal amounts needed for Bronze, Silver and Gold would be very helpful, wasn’t sure on how the rewards worked so turned one in on bronze, only to realise that it couldn’t then be done again to get Silver or Gold.

I liked the Reputation thing, I think it’s great that you can level it up. Maybe see some better rewards and maybe harder weeklies as it levels up?

Critter Capture
We had a lot of fun with this! I hope there is a leaderboard for it to see who’s captured the most! Was fun to do while waiting at the witch to help people get it killed for that mission, lots of mature humour about poop too

Dragon Racing
It didn’t make me feel motion sickness like others, but I did find if I turned my head a little too much to the side then it didn’t feel good, I didn’t try all the courses but as others have said, the RNG part to getting a good time doesn’t make it about skill, it’s who does it the most until they get lucky with the stuff that happens on the track, less RNG here please!

Character Creation
Love it, but needs more! Lots of good suggestions in the other thread. Had Issues with grabbing the styles, posted about that in the other thread, video included

Was loads better than the current game! Did get it so my frame rate would drop after a while of playing but this was fixed by changing graphics to low then back to ultra, could never work out what caused it though

New Areas
The new areas were a lot bigger than I first realised, they were really well done too, can’t wait to see and explore more! The house is loads better, looking forward to seeing what’s behind those locked doors, Potion table seemed a lot better, though I couldn’t use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Pointer in Menu
I didn’t realise how much I liked it until I went back to the current game and tried to use it without realising and it wasn’t there! Was one of those “Ohhhh!” moments when I realised! Was annoying trying to work out how to use it with the scroll bar (you couldn’t) but once that was figured out, I quickly got used to to it and liked using it

Existing "bugs"
Was disappointed to see bugs from the current game in the reborn beta, I had it in my head that it would be a fresh start, thinking that they would be gone

  • In-game voice chat still cut out (I mostly use discord though)
  • I de-synced once still (can’t remember if I got the log to send)
  • Items still get stuck in hand (mostly annoying for potion making)
  • Shadows inside caves (from the sun under the ground)
  • Still rains inside caves
  • Rain still stuck to face, if you turn your head to either side it will move with you (waterfall’s effects do this in the current game too)

Overall, I had a lot of fun trying stuff out and I’m really excited to get on the real thing! I didn’t spend all weekend on the beta like I thought I would but I did spend a lot of time on it, looking forward to Beta Test 2 next month and the blog posts coming over the next few weeks to let us know what’s going to be in the second beta test!

Edit: Totally forgot! The hands were wayyy better! Being able to point, thumbs up, fist bump, play rock, paper, scissors and shoot finger guns was loads of fun!


Is this blog post coming this week?


Will we be seeing this blog post soon? Really interested in seeing what’s coming in the next beta test


It’s Thanksgiving holidays in the US, so I don’t think there will be a post this week but we’ll have more to talk about soon!