Reborn Beta 1: Getting Started


Are beards included in this test?


Here is a new download that contains the latest update pre-downloaded, so feel free to download this instead if you were having issues:



Beards aren’t in this test yet, but they are definitely on the way.


thanks! will download it will get home and let u know how it works


I am logged into the game. I downloaded the Beta

Claims that I do not own the game.


I’m not seeing you as owning the game on this account. Is it possible you have a different OrbusVR account?


Thank you

I found out the reg was under my business account


Just finishing up a quick fix and then we’ll turn on the server, sorry for the delay.


Okay, things are live, thanks!


Okay so we’re tracking a couple of bugs already, one involving players showing up as “0” with no name, and another with a couple of bugs that caused server crashes. This is also resulting in bard orbs getting stuck in mind-air.

If you are having issues just getting into the game at all please let us know!


Launcher issue:

Downloaded the beta pre-emptively last night, left it open from around an hour before the Beta started. Once it started, launched the game. Character creation was stuck on “Loading…” for about 5 mins so decided to restart. Since then the launcher is stuck at 0 for checking files.


Did you unzip the folder to your Desktop? Or?


We had to temporarily disable playing the marimba to where other people could hear it as it was causing a bug. Just FYI.


Well I started my client several times and deleted my character twice, but I got no menus in general, audio graphics etc., no go to graveyard etc. Just blank pages.

The second thing I can not accept any menus like missions. If one invites me to party a huge blank page comes up with nothing written on it. I do think I miss a vital part of the client or are these bugs?


Unzipped into documents.

The issue seemed to have resolved itself now.


Okay so as of right now the server is back online. There is basically a series of bugs that is happening where when the server tries to send you data about a player in the wrong order, it is wreaking havoc with everything else and causing people to show up without names, inventory to mess up, etc.

I am working on a fix for that now but it may take a bit. So feel free to keep playing, and my apologies for the issues, it’s just one of those things that doesn’t become apparent until you get 50 people into the same area all trying to do stuff at once.


Im getting into the game but when i get in i cant create a character


I have the exact same issue. Level 0 character staring back at me, no menus or anything to press, except for the “point your finger to interact with a menu”-thing on your left controller

Sent my output_log to @Riley_D in his email about it


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I was in game when the server went down about 35 minutes ago. Now I can’t get back in. I see a level 0 character with no name and the word Loading… No sign of my named character. BTW, I logged out just before the server went down, I was not online when it went down.