Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


Server will be coming online in about 10 minutes. See you in-game!


Server is up! Enjoy!


Same issue as last time. Can’t see skin tone sliders, can’t see name input box, can only see the body part selection slate with the noses. Poking randomly, I can still manage to change to eyes/what have you but can’t find the name box this time at all, or then the keyboard doesn’t come up at all


Hello Guys, I’m completely blocked into character creation : no button to continue the character creation process :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just to make sure its not a problem with being out of sync with the current build. Have you closed out of the game and launcher and re-opened to ensure that you have the latest build


Yes, fresh installation to a different drive.

Last time it had something to do with localization and the way parsing was done, specifically periods vs commas as decimal points. Behaves exactly the same way as then, except this time theres no keyboard


Yes, I done it twice


We’re seeing some crashes on the server right now, working on fixes.


Okay can you snap me a screenshot of the login screen and what it looks like. Sorry for the problems.


If you need screenshot to help you debugging, don’t hesitate :slight_smile:


We are taking the server down quickly to deal with a crash bug, should be up in about 5 minutes.


Ya if you could thatd be great.


I’ll record you a short video clip after the servers come back up



Aye, mine looks exactly the same. The buttons still work, however they are invisible


Okay so I think we tracked this down last time to having a locale set on your Windows PC to like German or something other than US/English. If you switch to that it should fix it temporarily, I will work on a more permanent fix.


My locale is set to en-US. Literally everything is unchanged from that, apart from decimal point symbol and date format. Should I try changing those to the US one as well?


Got briefly in to look at menus (audio etc.) and character screen seems the padding issue (way too much padding) is also still there, likely also related to some locals I am playing on a german layout…


Yeah try that and see if that works. It’s something to do with padding calculations.


Okay the server is back up and hopefully that crash bug should be fixed.