Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


Change date formats, decimal separator, and even deleted all other languages but no difference. Haven’t rebooted though, and I’m unable to do so for a while due to some background tasks running on my computer


Just had another quick crash. Sorry we’re working through these as quickly as we can.


Okay I think we’ve worked through the initial round of crashes an things seem stable now. Going to start working on these client-side menu bugs.


Annnd of course I said something and we had a crash. Should be back online now.


Okay so we had a crash during that public event, keeping an eye on that.


been on the beta now since launch but it’s unplayable because of bugs:

  1. we get kicked to login screen every X min randomly
  2. sometimes everyone gets kicked and gets a message to restart the entire game
  3. often in the middle of the fight all mobs players and objects dissapear
    combat goes on then
    but we see nothing :smiley:
    then the objects come back
    but you’re dead :smiley:


Sorry about that, yeah all of the disconnects and the disappearing objects coming back area all being caused by server crashes.

Where we’re at right now is our processes are crashing but not giving errors. Which is an issue I have literally never seen before and which was not happening last test. I am probably going to have to try running a different version of NodeJS or something on the off chance it’s something to do with that.

So yeah we really apologize for the trouble you’re seeing, we’re working on making it better as fast as we can.


Okay, so here is the situation.

We are going to do a planned restart of the whole infrastructure here in 10 minutes in order to make sure that everything has our latest attempts at fixing stuff.

If that is not successful, then we will proceed with a plan to rollback our NodeJS version to the one we are using on the main live server (for non-Reborn) to see if that fixes it.

Again, my apologies on this, it’s a very weird scenario I have not seen before, but we are working on figuring it out.


Still have the same issues


The same issues of what? The the zone crashing? I don’t think it has crashed since I rebooted it…


no sorry i meant the doors and inventory issues


Oh okay yeah, those are client-side fixes so I will let you know when I get a chance to address those. I’m prioritizing the server-side stuff right now, but hopefully we will get that solved soon and I can move onto that.


So this has been done. We are giving it 30 minutes to see how it goes. If that doesn’t work, we’ll move onto Plan B.


In beginner area right outside of startup, with the little exploding tree guys, we’ve had a bunch of mini-crashes where everything disappears… would be a minor glitch, but all of the mobs then respawn ontop of everyone and it’s murder/mayhem for a bit before we clear them back out and get a normal respawn timer going again. Happened 3x while I was there.


Yeah that’s the server crashes, sorry about that. Hopefully this should be resolved by prime time tonight.


I also have the problem that my menus are all over the place or more like vertically stretched and I can’t use the door to enter Highsteppe, or leave the player house. But what I was able to try from the beta was very cool. I’m looking forward to the full Reborn release.


Yep sorry about that! We are tracking that bug and hoping to have a fix for it soon.


Okay so Plan A didn’t work, we’re going to move to Plan B. Might take around 10 minutes or so to do this restart, please stand by.


Server is back online now with Plan B in place. We’ll see how it goes!


I can equip muskets higher level than me. They are invisible but I can still load orbs and shoot them.