Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


If you look at your Attack value on your Player sheet you’ll notice it goes down to the Level 1 attack when you do that. I did that so if all you had was that one weapon type you could still use it.


So server has been up for about 30 minutes now with no crashes. We previously had not gone more than 5-10 minutes before. So at least so far Plan B seems to be a success.

We will keep monitoring it for the next 30 minutes or so but assuming it’s still good I will do a server restart and re-enable public events (we had turned them off thinking that might have been the cause of the issues).


same here, i cant enter highsteppe, and a friend is stuck in his house now… also still cant break gear down


Not getting credit for bird or squirrel quests.
Also can not unequip weapon. I can only replace it with another one.


Strictly not-just-english people still waiting to play :<


I am working on that bug right now. I set my computer to German to re-produce the issue and am trying to figure out the root cause.

Also the zone is restarting to re-enable public events, it seems like the crashes have been fixed.


Hi ya, is there a way to change weapon hand for some reason I can only equip on my left hand, I’m using a rift, also often in fights my weapon just disappears like kind of buggy it comes and goes. I’ve had no problems going into Highsteppe or the player house. I find the Dragon maze pretty hard to complete.



We’ve got a new client-side build out now that has a fix for the issues that German (and other non-English) language users were experiencing causing menu issues, doors not opening, etc. Restart your Launcher to download it, or download the pre-patched version here:

Please let me know if it didn’t fix those types of issues for you. Thanks!


It works now, thank you!


cant download that link


We are going to do a server restart in 30 minutes to push out a few minor patches to things like Shaman weapons not dropping. My apologies for the interruption in advance! That should be the only restart we have to do this evening.


Does this one work?


Way harder to get NPCs to open menus now. I can stand there and wave at the Apprentice Smith for a whole minute and not have the menu open, with either hand. Sometimes it works as intended, but several times with this where the only way to fix it was to repeatedly move around and keep waving literally in his face.


for the creature quests, if you catch ducks it gives you credit for squirrels, squirrels and frogs do not give any credit towards any for the missions. It is broken.


Swans in Lamavoria also gave no credit, we shot at a lot of them too before we realised


We just finished a server restart with the following changes:

  • Shaman totems will now no longer interact with Musketeer orbs, Runemage missiles, enemy projectiles, etc.
  • Shamans should now start correctly receiving new Shaman Mask drops so they can upgrade their attack.
  • The Critter Capture missions should now be fixed to give correct credit based on the type of critter.
  • Fixed some monster names not showing up in the world to indicate what should be killed for what missions.



shaman shit still bouncing off totems.


Yeah sorry I didn’t meant to indicate it wouldn’t. Right now the Shaman orbs bounce around off a lot of stuff (totems, other people, etc.) but it’s actually kind of fun in some ways…one time I bounced a Fireball orb off of Kyle’s shield and hit stuff which I thought was really neat.

But at any rate, the change I just made makes it so they the totems will no longer interact with other people’s damage-dealing things such as missiles, projectiles from enemies, etc.


so everyone’s attacks go through shaman totems EXCEPT shamans? seems silly to special case this. it is super hard to hit targets when people put shaman totems around the mobs and all your attacks bounce off of them.



  1. If shaman orbs bounce off totems, that makes it even harder to hit mobs when there are groups of shamans nearby, because they hit the totems and go back the other direction
  2. If shaman orbs bounce off your own totems, it makes it annoyingly difficult to throw the orbs because then you can’t effectively throw underhand. Problem being that overhand throws have serious issue with tracking/release and don’t travel as far or in as-controlled of a method.