Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


Not saying we won’t make a change there, just saying, that’s a different issue than the one I fixed already.

I think it probably makes some sense to have the balls not interact with totems, but I’ll have to address that in a future client side patch.


Can you also fix it so the totems don’t interact with dragons or grass?
A bunch of times, I’ve tried to erect a totem only to discover it landed on a piece of grass or my dragon or some other minor obstruction and just sat there in miniature form


I’m unable to breakdown any shaman masks I get. I can breakdown the other gear, but I havent tried any other weapons yet


I will push a fix for this in the morning, it will require a client-side patch. I had to make it work for now that way so Shaman Masks would drop at all.


is the totem thing going to come in with the same client side patch or is this something we are going to have to wait for next beta?


There is a new client-side patch available this morning with the following changes:

  • Improved performance of Shaman orbs by disabling point lights
  • Shaman orbs will now only collide with enemies, players, and the ground (so e.g. they will go through totems). Archer Traps also now follow this same behavior. We’ll keep working on this after the beta is over so it can apply to other things (e.g. when throwing the mini-totems to the ground) as well.
  • When Dragon Racing begins, your Player Menu will auto-close if it is open.
  • Fixed the friends list buttons being too large and overlapping with the scroll bar.
  • Shaman Masks can now be broken down like other weapons.

Restart your launcher to get the patch, or you can download the pre-patched version here:


One question, I was glad to see familiar plants in the Beta, will we be able to use those stocks we built in Reborn for potions, still, or at least some of them? If not I hope vendors take the legacy plants back for dram for a while, it was hours and hours to gather like, a stack of linstanium, since the Orbus market is almost dead it would be sad to be forced to sell them for 5 dram each…


We just pushed out a server-side patch with the following changes:

  • Tweaked the difficulty of some of the Public Events; in particular the Defend the Gate event should be easier.
  • Fixed a bug which was sometimes causing the Battleground matchmaker not to complete properly.



We are re-doing the 3D models but yes all existing ingredients and potions will be in the new game. However, some of the potion recipes may be re-worked, and there will be new tiers of potions (so e.g. the best potion in the game right now for Healing Potions will be great at Level 20 like it is now, but there will be a better one for Level 30).

Your existing stockpile will definitely still be useful and you will not be forced to sell it for 5 dram. At the same time, you will have to put in new effort to get some of the new ingredients to combine with your existing ones if you want to make the newest high-tier potions.


Does this mean I can make these 5 stacks of fishing potions without risk of them being useless in reborn? I know fishing level is getting changed up so been on the fence about making them


So I’m not going to try and answer that question definitively at this point since we haven’t finished up all the planning for the new potions.

What I mean is, if you make a Fishing Potion, it will still do something in the new game. It may be though that there is a better higher-tier Fishing Potion that you could have made with some of those ingredients and it would have been better to wait. It may also be that we use the current fishing potion as an ingredient in the higher-tier one and so having them on hand is really handy so you can get a jump start on making the new ones.

So I guess basically, you won’t be out anything by making the potion now and hanging onto it. At the same time, I have no idea at this point what the “min max best case scenario” is, so I’m not going to promise that’s definitely the best course of action if that ends up being something we change. All that’s set in stone right now is that a) all existing potions will still do stuff in the new game, although it may not be the best version of that thing if there is a higher tier of that potion, and b) all existing ingredients will still be used in the new game, although again the recipes may change and you will definitely need to also get new ingredients to make the highest tier stuff.

Hope that helps make it clear as mud :slight_smile:


Random Praise: I looove this cute little dragon it is ueber-cute :smiley: :slight_smile:


The second thing is Chamaeleon Color I feel so smurfy and I love it :smiley:


You can make those potions in the current game


Oops guess I missed those entirely… edit: I think I even got one in my chest dang should’ve really tried what it does.

Random Praise #2: World events are really fun at least with that many people online


I didn’t see a general feedback thread for issues in the beta, so I’m putting here, let me know if I should move it elsewhere.

Going to just rattle off impressions as I go.

  • Character Creation: Still seems odd to have to grab facial features and explode them on your avatar.
  • Character Creation: Lack of diversity of options.
  • New Player Experience: Having mobs in the newbie zone be aggressive seems unnecessary for new players who are trying to learn how to do the basics.
  • NPCs: There were issues with phantom mobs in the newbie zone that couldn’t be hit or aggro’d in any way.
  • Combat: There are several issues with combined together make combat feel extremely frustrating and unrewarding. From phantom mobs, to their erratic movements both in and out of combat (which is hard to tell if it’s from pathing issues, lag, or deliberately erratic/dodging), to the lag judders, to often losing aggro and resetting, to not showing how far the impact of their special attacks will go, to suddenly playing an animation and healing/becoming immune to damage which seems unavoidable, to warping large distances when coming out of polymorph, to spamming their spells, to their overall frequency of healing, to short duration of casts making interrupting largely not worth it… I hate to say it but it is legitimately not fun.
  • Environments:I didn’t get too far this playtest, but a lot of areas still feel really empty and without landmarks.
  • Player Home: Really really like the idea of the library and the critter collection rooms. This is super compelling and I immediately want to fill them both up.
  • Player Home: When entering rooms on the right side of the hallway, the player gets spun around to face out when, which feels disorienting and weird. Left side seems to work correctly.
  • Player Home: One of the doors on the left was still locked, though I thought the patch notes send the 4 rooms would be open.
  • Player Home: May be worth labeling the chests for clarity as aside from the potion one, if a new player doesn’t understand the crafting-station-nearby context, they won’t understand what the limitations are.
  • New Player Experience: I’m sure this is just temporary for the playtest, but it seemed overwhelming to start with so many items for so many classes in my inventory, taking up over a full tab.
  • New player Experience: I’m sure this is just temporary, but starting in the combat yard, with no quest direction can lead players to think there isn’t any directed content. I didn’t go into town, didn’t see it.
  • New Player Experience: Similarly to the inventory overwhelming, opening the reward crates was a little un-intuitive, and the actual rewards inside seemed odd in that they largely included things that aren’t going to help a low level player much, such as rare crafting materials, and even dyes, as they don’t get to pick, and gear is being upgraded constantly.
  • General: Still feels weird/bad looking for piles of feces on the ground.
  • General: Still feels weird/bad finding large floating mazes in the environment.
  • General: Still feels weird/bad not finding any NPC settlements out in the world.


I feel like this is actually going to get worse with more added classes, and i totally agree with you

I think it makes more sense for you to only have your class items and then all the special orbs and totems and stuff would just be a drop-down selection on each of the slots you have… this way it wouldnt overwhelm the user with a huge number of items at the start.


Agreed, I haven’t even looked at it all yet, just equipped my trusty musket and orbs and wandered out.
My suggestion is that perhaps Guardian Bart or his replacement could have some assistants that specialize in each class. When you speak to a class specialist they give you all the goodies for that class and a tutorial on playing it. This way if I don’t want to pick up the gear for 3-4 classes I’m not wanting to play yet, I don’t need to, and I also can play faster since I won’t need to get through all the tutorials. The tutorial compound could be locked until you pick up at least one set of gear to prevent gearless players from wandering out. And later, if I do want to try another class, we can go back, get the gear and the tutorial for that class at any time.


I think this will be getting reworked with the way the gear sets are going to work so you can pre-set gear for each class to change quickly/easily


I second this part. i really liked the big red, obvious aoe telegraphs. Currently it is pretty difficult to know when someone is going to use a big aoe. I’m pretty sure this was intended to make the difficulty of all players more in-line with the difficulty of tanks and having to watch the mob, but at least for tanks, all they have to do is spam the same thing over and over and watch the mob. they dont really have to pay attention to other things.

At the moment you basically have to guess where the edges of the aoe are. makes it pretty hard.


one big thought i had was how much of the content now is actually solo able. Even in the starter area almost every mob pulls with a group. if u are just joining the game and have never played before and didnt join with friends, new players may hit a wall before they even get started playing