Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


The green attack that appears under your feet while attacking the tree dude can be really hard to notice if you’re not looking down or someone calling it out


Hi guys, This has always been true for Orbus I always found it hard to progress without getting help, thats the best thing about reborn beta is most people are helping each other.:slight_smile:



Edit: Sky high dragon race isn’t updating for logan and I in our journals even though we are making the leaderboards. Also - sometimes when dragon racing we are getting reset as if hitting something but while going through a ring.


there is a bit of a learning curve associated with this game (worse for some classes over others). when everyone starts out, they think the game is super hard… but when you keep playing and get used to what the mobs do, you will look back to your beginner days and laugh about how bad you were back then.


This was reported as a minor bug but I think it’s more of a major bug so I’m bringing it here, with a video to show. Mobs that are in pairs or packs of multiple mobs, if one of them gets stuck the rest of the pack will get stuck in a loop of de-aggroing when they get hit, also there seems to be a lot of mobs that are climbing rocks and getting stuck, it’s happening a lot!


Actually a main concern I got as well. The Beta is super-fun running around with a group at evenings, so far, this also seems the fastest way to get any quest done and to level. But when I logged on in the morning to play solo, all I do is searching the few solo mobs - which take way too much time as a musky btw - and sneak around the rest to get to the critter captures, this could become a bit boring.


I just pushed out a patch which should fix the bug where the Musketeer Cure Wounds orb isn’t appearing when you load into the Battleground.


So on the beta I’ve completed all of the quests on gold, apart from the mouse critter capture, there was 8 of us looking for the cheese yesterday and we found 4 in total, out of those 4 sets of mice I managed to catch 2, while I understand you want it to be challenging, there is multiple things making it so I’m probably not going to bother with this quest

The cheese very small and hard to find (being drunk probably didn’t help, might go back later look again)

Mice are too hard to hit due to:

  • Speed
  • Size
  • Frequency of direction change in relation to speed
  • Size of the area they are able to move away from the spawn point, some got very far
  • clipping through the floor/rocks

Other than that I have really enjoyed these weekly quests, though now they are done I’m mostly sitting around waiting for public events to happen


Around how much time do you think you’ve played? Just curious if it’s matching up with what we expect in terms of how long it takes to get to 15 and do all the missions.

Assuming this were the full game, you would do all the missions once on your way to 30 (and obviously this is only like a quarter of them since there are more for each activity coming not to mention 2 more activities). Then those missions become part of a weekly rotation you do at max level that changes each week where there are two missions chosen for each activity (so 10-12 total missions to do each week). There are also lore quests that you unlock from the reputation vendors as you level up with them. Then there would be dungeons, Battlegrounds, crafting/harvesting, reputation farming (for unique items), and public events to do in terms of evergreen content that you can do to keep increasing your XP bar to earn caches. And of course you’d be working through high-level dungeon content like Shard Dungeons as well to push progression. Oh and then of course you could level up another whole discipline out of the 8 that will now be available haha.

Hopefully that seems like enough content? Haha. We’re trying to go for a blend of “stuff you can do in the overworld with other players including lower levels” and “stuff you can do to push progression”. But yeah just to give you an idea of how we see that working in the full game.


I really like the challenge of the mice, and how not every critter capture is the same difficulty. Problems like the clipping and spazzing out random directions are a pain. I think that the amount of mice required compared to the available cheese and difficulty is probably a bit much.

I’d probably like to see the difficulty remain the same but you have to catch maybe 3 per reward tier instead of 10.


I had most of the quests done by time I had the 20 hour achievement I think, but I couldn’t give you an exact amount, not all of the time I spent was grinding out the quests or exp, some was just testing random stuff or messing around with friends or helping them with kill quests which I got no exp for due to being higher levelled, I killed a tree guy a bunch more times than I needed too just because it was fun! Went from public event, to critter capture, to Treesus, to the next public event, we had a nice group going for a while.

Right now I’m sat on the forums giving feedback between public events

I imagine I’m going to be playing more than ever once Reborn goes live, I’m super excited for it and it sounds like I’m going to have a lot of stuff to keep me busy, really does sound great! The improvements from the first beta to the second have really amazed us so keep up the great work


Just curious, will the prices of potions/dyes from the reputation vendors change going into the live game?


Yeah for sure. Honestly none of the vendor rewards are even correct yet. Those are just placeholders.


why, I can, just deduct the 2 h you slept since the time it launched :laughing:


@Riley_D The witch hasn’t respawned due to the rest of the pack being stuck in the resetting bug, I think its been around 12-18 hours since it was last alive and people need the server reset so they can do that quest


The silver foil cosmetic look is really nice, the Gold one however, is blue, and very overpowering, unable to see dyes under the effect because it’s that strong unlike the silver where you can still see the dyes fine but with more of a glimmer to it


Some pieces must be worse than others. Someone was wearing a red mage hat yesterday and I remember commenting on how I really liked the gold foil looked combined with it.


The Gold effectis currently broken, it’s supposed to look gold not bright blue haha. We will get that fixed.


I just reset that zone, so hopefully that should help.


Tragedy strikes again. Also having a cool bright blue foil would be great!