Reborn Beta 6 begins March 25th (Schedule Inside)


Hey folks, this is just a recap of what we’ve talked about regarding the last Reborn beta, as well as the Open Beta period shortly after (and then shutdown of live servers.)

Feel free to use this thread for questions regarding that schedule!

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When will the patch notes be released?


Aren’t we missing in this information post that the beta itself is continuing after the first of April?I thought till the 8th at-least?

Yeah in 2 blog posts ago:
“The final Beta Test for OrbusVR: Reborn will begin on Monday, March 25th and last until April 8th”


Beta 6: March 25th - April 8th

It says it in big letters ^


OrbusVR Original Servers Shutdown: April 1st

On April 1st at 11:59 PM US Central Time, we will shut down the servers for the original OrbusVR game in preparation for the launch of Reborn

Will we need to remove our items from our stalls or will they get moved over to the AH chest or something?

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Aaah k I am blind. I just read the text walls and not the titles XD

Ignore this idiot


Good question. We will put those items in your delivery chest.

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Do you plan to release the patch notes tonight or tomorrow?


I am writing them up now, they should be out in the next couple of hours.


What time today will y’all be getting on to hang? I don’t want to miss it!


A few of us are likely going to hop on an hour or two before the servers go down. :slight_smile:

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