Reborn Beta World PvP/Safe Zones Feedback


Had a lot of fun with PvP

Safe Zones

  • If you die by a mob in a safe zone you should not drop your bag. i.e. Tressus would kill players and someone could pick up your loot and have no way of getting it back.
  • There were multiple people running to HS to turn PvP on to go to the defend the gate event to get the xp and going back into HS to turn it off. They never left the safe zone. I think either that event near HS should not give the PvP bonus or the safe zone needs to be shortened. I think the best solution would be if you turn PvP on, you can’t turn it off for 12 hours.
  • Some safe zones were bugged. The safe zone where the other event in HS where you have to throw the stones in the portal safe zone was only near the rock. The safe zone perimeters seem to be way off.
  • If you are in combat and run into a safe zone, you should still be able to kill each other. This worked some of the time. I’m not sure what the intended action is suppose to be. Could you let me know what is supposed to happen?
  • When you leave a safe zone, there needs to be a pop up saying “Leaving safe zone”
  • PvP players should be able to trade with other PvP players in safe zones

World PvP

  • If you die or get killed by another player in a faraway zone and aren’t able to find and kill the player that killed you. You are basically stuck in that zone as you have no reagents and can’t use teleporter to get back home or trade with anyone.
  • A few changes I think would help:
    -make the home teleporter a 60 second cast with no movement. Another option would be to make it so you are allowed to use the teleporter in safe zones.
    -Allow pvp players to trade with each other in safe zones. Right now to trade, we just graveyard/kill each other.
  • When in the city of HS, a PvP player cannot trade with a non PvP player. The PvP player has to disable to be able to trade. There is really no reason why they can’t trade in the city. Please make it so all players can trade with each other in Highsteppe city.
  • I harvested some nodes and never got any extra harvestables from having PvP turned on. Was this enabled in this beta? Instead of giving extra havestables for players that have PvP turned on, I think it makes more sense to have extra nodes that only players with PvP turned on can see and get. As it stands right now, a non pvp player can grab the node and there is nothing the pvp player can do about it.
  • I think the dev team is aware of this bug, but I’ll say it just in case. If you do a mission with pvp turned off and go back to town and turn your pvp on, you can turn in the quest and get the pvp bonus of 10%
  • For the danger out there in the real world, I think the pvp xp bonus for killing monsters should be much higher. There is a lot of risk farming mobs with PvP turned on, as it is pretty easy for someone to kill you.
  • When a pvp player logs out, they should have to remain still. As it is right now, I can hit the log out button and run away from whoever is chasing me.
  • Multiple classes unbalanced for PvP, I’ll save that analysis for when you tackle balancing.
  • The wall fix really won’t fix the problem of people hiding in walls. It actually makes it worse. Now you can hide in the wall and no one can see you if they pop your head in. There needs to be a fix where it pushes you out if you try to go into a wall.


Just wanted to say, we appreciate the in-depth feedback and we’ll look at your points to track some of the issues down.


I don’t see how losing your reagents is relevant, seeing as you can’t teleport…

Opted out on pvp for the most part this beta because of the extreamly limited movement.

I’m in the option that the bandit timer should be back after kills, with some allowence on movement if you haven’t killed anyone in a while.


As an FYI, players that have pvp turned on can still use the teleport runes, but cannot cast a portal.

I actually like that idea. If you kill someone, you can’t use the home teleporter, portal stones, or logout for 5 mins. I still think the home teleporter should only be allowed to be used in safe zones. I guess if you have your 5 min timer, other pvp players can attack you in a safe zone. Once they engage you in a safe zone, you can fight back to defend yourself.


Instead of giving extra havestables for players that have PvP turned on, I think it makes more sense to have extra nodes that only players with PvP turned on can see and get.

PVP-only nodes could really drive meaningful fights. Resource nodes should be points of conflict in PVP mode. If non-PVP players can swoop in and take things without a fight, they’re just points of frustration.

Also, I don’t know if it’s been explored (out of the game for a while), but a system related to nodes which requires time to be spent collecting (or improving the harvest), on the scale of 30 seconds or a couple minutes, would also contribute to PVP interactions. Anything to increase the window for a fight to break out. Other games may have longer windows, but that’s probably more than enough for VR.


Ok, so if you are playing with pvp, you can join a dungeon or a shard and instantly escape. Also you can trade items freely with anyone in the instance!

I’m quite ok with this, we need lots of people in the cue but I can see it being systematically abused in the future


While in combat you can currently use a teleport pillar or run to a safe zone to avoid the fight, i think if you enter the safe zone while in combat you should be able to continue the fight.
Also the logout timer should be canceled by any action including movement.