Reborn Closed Beta 7


Beta 7 will last for 24 hours and begin in about 3 hours at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. Here is the download link for the patch:


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Quick note, at the start of this test we are going to set the soft cap on zones really low (like 10 people) to allow for testing of the Zone Shard Switching mechanic. There is a menu under the Social tab in your Player Menu which will list if there is more than one zone shard available for the current zone, and allow you to switch to it. We want to make sure that is working properly ahead of launch.

So when you get on, please feel free to test that out. We’ll turn it back to normal later today after we’ve tested it a bit.


have you changed the way enter doungons the way to enter the doungons last beta was a bit annoying walk in then walk out click on button that was too high. i have a suggestion make entering the doungons like tradu mines


We did change how that works, there are now teleport globes with a view of each dungeon, just grab it and put it near your head to enter that dungeon. They are also lower down than they were before.

We’ve discussed internally if we want to make a change to have an entrance location like the Tradu Mines but at least for now we are trying to strike a balance between not having the immersion-breaking experience of a menu, with not wanting to spread people out of Highsteppe just to enter a room of portals (since we like that people are gathering outside the entrance to socialize). But we’ll keep monitoring and see how it plays out.


The server is now online! Thanks!


One note: The “Bjorn Stafrute” (giant walking tree) has been moved from original spawn location to in front of the green lady temple.


How long is the boss respawn timer? Can you make it 5 mins like the old world bosses?


Pleasee! This is going to be bad for our community events otherwise

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Did you already kill it as a World Boss? Or you mean like it died as a normal boss? Or?


Killed it as a normal boss


you still don’t get 75% exp bonus on lower classes


Do you mean for regular kills? Or Missions? The Missions no longer give additional XP for lower class turn-ins due to a) the Mission Credits System and b) the lack of a penalty for turning them in at higher levels. The original idea was that you would get less XP for turning in the lower-level missions but the class bonus would boost it back up to normal.

It should still be in for regular XP and event XP though.


Yeah that’s a mistake, it shouldn’t be set that high. Hang on we are fixing it.

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The lamavora world boss dropped an item with no icon called “Unknown Equation”


Was this when it was in “World Boss” mode, and well get that fixed for the icon


Yeah it was enraged, figured it’s a cape without icon and texture (good old pure white cape :stuck_out_tongue:)


okay ya well get that fixed in next patch, thanks for the report


Haha guess that one wasn’t too hard to figure out how to trigger :smiley:

How many people were there when you killed it? How’s the tuning?


We were about 10, It felt pretty easy.


it doesn’t have a cast bar for his smash