Reborn Dev Spotlight: Beta 3


Hi everyone, here’s a preview of a bunch of new stuff coming in this weekend’s beta test, including new weather and sky, new dungeon, new public events, and implementing combat logging!

This weekend will have a lot of exciting stuff for you to play around!

Read about it here:


Really like the dungeon reward cache. Should keep groups going so everyone gets a chance to try it!


The sky is looking great! Can’t wait to see it in VR


This is all I wanted and more. You guys are the best! :+1:


The sky looks cool. Will the rain delay be fixed? Currently if you go in a zone and it is raining, it takes a few minutes for it to show up.


Yep! the weather changes within a few seconds, and gradually now.


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to get in and check it all out again :smiley: Have you fixed the rain being locked to the players head orientation too?


It’s a different type of rain, so I think so? But there are still some issues with it visually that are at first subtle, we’re still working on it. If you don’t look too closely you won’t notice it for now though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhhh if there’s a selfie-bot then I also wanna be able to smileeee!!! :grinning:


Wow that’s a lot! Really looking forward to the test!


Will the level cap go up with this beta test?


Does the Dev team have a plan for items that will be discontinued in Reborn such as Trickster tokens, Raid tokens, Undef dragons, Etc? Or will they all simply be removed once reborn drops?


Not sure yet. It may end up going to 20. We’re still seeing how much of the content makes it in.

Raid tokens and trickster tokens will just become basically worthless; I’m not sure what you mean by undef dragons? They’re broken dragons people still have?

We’ll have a plan for all of this about a month out and we’ll give people notice (e.g. “trade in your Trickster tokens now otherwise they will be useless if you want to do something with them”).


Yes, people still have the undef dragons for some reason. I saw someone selling them in the market stalls.


So we will still have the tradable and untradable tokens in reborn but they would be worthless because the vendors are getting removed?

And yes the broken dragons from ages ago with coloured defined as “Undef” quite the rare collectors item now!


It’s lore breaking, but I would suggest having an NPC that has limited turn ins for these items. This allows for those that return to the game at a later date can still use them. Maybe provide lesser rewards of some kind?


Use it or loose it. Everyone has a month or so to go.


I mean we would probably allow you to sell them for a little bit of dram or something (like the same amount the gear you would have bought would have sold the shard for), so it’s not like we’re just going to totally make them vanish overnight, but the vendors that give you the gear will no longer be there.


Haha, well I mean I don’t have any plans to change anything about that, they will probably just continue to exist as undefined.


Can you add some more dye to the trickster shop?