Reborn Dev Spotlight: Beta 3


I’d be happy with 20 so we can use our current talents


Ye would be good and perhaps a bit longer testing period… for people who got any other family or work duties on weekends (or who just wanna tamper with all the new classes and discover instead of madly leveling one) it’s gonna be impossible reaching that level in 3 days.


Our characters from beta test 2 carry over to this test so shouldn’t really be far to go for 15-20, can probably get it quite quickly with the weekly quests


Assuming the weekly quests are there. Riley didn’t mention these past few weeks if the weekly quests are going to be there this test. Also most people didn’t make lvl 15 last test :grimacing:


I couldn’t play 24/7 but think only a handful did, I am pretty far from that… plus, bugs were a huge hindrance for playing on first day (I was one affected by the menu bug and locked out of highsteppe hence not even able to pickup quests…). A considerable time I was fooling around, refreshing my memory of the bard, searching the new areas, tinkering with the newest class and quite a while I was waiting for the (broke) witch to respawn :smiley:
So yea I got to level 8, perhaps, and not sure if I even try to go for max level. Actually even an extension is not my deepest wish since I still wanna do stuff in the current game instead.


I love all of this, although I will say that I for one enjoyed the rain on the sunny days. It was a lovely effect.


I imagine there will be, but if not, new dungeon and New public events will still help with leveling


There will be a few new missions (4 dragon races and a few new critter capture and kill quests) but we focused heavily on the public events so the next sprint is when we will be introducing alot more of the mission types and missions


Will we get to test out a week reset on quests as well?
I feel that a lot of possible bugs may occure with completed or partially completed quests getting carried over and bugged out.

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