Reborn Dev Spotlight: Dev World Boss, New Zones, Responsive Healthbars


Hey folks, we have a little preview of some of the new (and returning!) stuff coming out in the next beta, which will be from Feb 22nd to Feb 25th.

Check it out!

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I’m not quite sure how these lines are supposed to be taken together:
“If I am defeated, all players who are online during that time will receive a special achievement which will carry forward into Reborn.”
“Note that there is a limit of around 100 participants in the event due to the restrictions around players per zone.”

Does this mean only the 100 people who join in the fight get the achievement, or literally everyone online anywhere in reborn will get it?

Also, will it only be a single fight at each time, or will Riley be on for multiple runs?


It may end up being everyone online, or it may end up being everyone in just that zone. I’m not totally sure yet. I think part of the thinking is that if you are online and not able to get into the zone because it’s at max capacity, but I am defeated, you should still get the achievement.

I am planning to be on for like 30 minutes to an hour for each “session”, so in terms of multiple runs and all that we’ll just see how it goes. If I were guessing I would assume the first session will be the one that has us figuring everything out, if I’m overtuned, etc., and then later sessions should go smoother.


i am worried about ppl crashing right before the death not getting stuff


I know this can happen in Orbus , but are you still experiencing this during the Reborn betas? and when you say crash do you mean actual crash where it takes you back to your desktop or are you meaning DC where connection is lost and it takes you back to character select screen.


“Note that there is a limit of around 100 participants in the event due to the restrictions around players per zone.”

is there anything preventing us from partying up with someone already in the zone to get in the same instance? like we do on world boss events in current orbus when we’re too many and start getting into separate instances?


The 100 person limit is a hard cap. When you are doing the party thing you are hitting the soft cap, which you can get around, but once it hits 100 people it will not let people into the zone even if you are in the same party.

I will just run a script that says “everyone who has been online in the last 5 minutes gets the achievement” or something similar, it’s not an actual drop or something like that.


Excited. Sounds like great beta weekend coming.


Will you be level scaled as a boss or will our level matter when fighting you?

Also, with fishing, now it’s a tool on our belt, does it mean we need to hold grip the whole time we are fishing?


Is it noticed that the events do not always take the same 100 people?
There are certainly interested players who want to make all the battles against you at all dates and thereby take away places for those who may only have one appointment.


Will the responsive healthbars lock to bosses or will it be just whatever you’ve last attacked? I worry that in a boss fight with adds there might be some annoyance with this switching off the boss.


So you can trigger the responsive health bar from a distance by pointing at the monster. It basically just zooms the health bar closer to you so you can see the monster difficulty and name easier. This lasts for 10 seconds.

It also gets triggered when you engage combat with a monster. So the boss’s bar will always try to stay in your view while you are in combat with it no matter how many trash mobs are around you. I still have to see how cluttered your view gets with many monsters around you and their health bars wanting screen space. You do still have to look in the general direction of the monster to see the health bar. It isn’t like you can look in the opposite direction and expect to see the monster’s health bar. But there will definitely still be some tweaking based on feedback in the next beta!


just a little dissapointed about the fishing thing. i understand why it had to be done… but that means all my effort leveling fishing and getting the gear was pointless :(.

I was also hoping in reborn we would get fishing talents like ‘increase line strength’,‘chance to catch double fish’,‘increase chance of catching rare fish’ etc. now that hope has been torn to shreds.


Yes … hopefully us Anglers get a title from being 15-20 levels deep into a gathering profession

. <

But , this means … I can have a fish eating my head as any class …

Good point , do we need to grip the tool the entire time while fishing ? That would be annoying.

Please give us more rods to unlock… the fishing quest giver even mocked my beginner rod making me think he was going to give me a shinny upgrade … but nada.


There will be additional rods that you can get in Reborn, and they will have stats like line strength and maybe even affixes and things like that. So some of what you wanted in Talents will just end up being stats on the rod itself. I’ve also thought about doing something where like every time you make a lure it has a random chance to get something cool as well attached to it.

I believe the plan right now is to essentially translate your Fishing level into appropriate Rep level for Reborn. So it will not totally go to waste. And then Rep level unlocks things like fishing titles and transmog styles.


Will any of the betas have updates to avatar customization? I noticed that after feedback, iris color was removed from the eyes but hadn’t been replaced yet with colors to choose. Will we have iris colors this upcoming beta or any other updates to avatar customization?


Eye color picking is coming in the beta. :slight_smile:


What about our beards?!


What are the chances harvesting with the pickaxe will also have someone to gain rep with and unlock titles and transmog styles?