Reborn Dev Spotlight: Dungeon, Titles, and Character Re-Customization


Hey everyone, in today’s blogpost we’re showing off some new things that you’ll be able to get your hands on this Friday! We talk about the new dungeon, title system, being able to modify your characters, as well as how the Betas will be after this one.

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Sooooo are the stuck/de-aggro mobs (mostly in the dungeon) finally fixed? :grimacing: That feels like the most broken part of the game.


Will the dev boss fight be scaled?


Looking forward to it!
Any new word on possible new runemage spells?


What’s that “Rank III” text on the boss at 1.23s on the gif?
Do you plan on adding more dynamic titles? I would love to see more of them that you need to fight (not necessarly PvP) for the ones you want to keep, like a “Dragon Master” title if you have ALL the #1 records on every dragon race and others titles based on leaderboards.
I think it would be better showing the title like this “Orrbain the Champion” rather than “Champion Orrbain” or at least changing the title’s font to make it easier recognizing the name (i was a little confused when i read “High Warden Outlander” in the gif).

Anyway, i’m really excited for all the updates you are working on, can’t wait friday to play!


We are working on it! I’m not sure how many are still left to fix but it’s sort of a case-by-case fixing thing.

It’s technically a giant PvP fight (where you can all attack me) so it follows the same rules as Open World PvP, so yes it is matched.

There is going to be a new Runemage 30 Talent that introduces a new pair of spells.

It’s from the Scoundrel. When you hit an enemy with a curved bullet you get a Rank (from 1 to 5) that tells you how “amazing” the shot was (based on distance and how much the bullet curved). Higher ranks give a better buff which means more damage.


Does this mean we can attack and kill other players during this fight?


I mean if you go to the fight with World PvP on, then yes you could just like any other overworld content. I do not recommend going to the fight with World PvP On :slight_smile: You can attack me even if you don’t have World PvP on, I’m just like another boss in that regard.


Thanks for not forcing us to put PvP on to fight you! Will you be normal player size or are you going to be a big badass boss?


You’ll have to wait and see!


Will u be accepting duels?


Haha, we’ll see how it goes and how quickly the big group fighting goes. My plan is basically to stick around for at least 30 minutes and up to an hour for each “session”. So if it’s been an hour and I haven’t been defeated yet you will have to try again next session.


Sounds like fun ,
glad to hear about more spells.
Can’t wait to play with them.

I’m still holding out hope for an AOE on Fireball 3.

And more range on static charge.


In the blog post, you mentioned 100+ mission over 7 activity types. What are the 7 activity types? All I can think of is m dragon racing, critter capture, mob hunting, fishing, PvP?, dungeons?, ???


Fishing, Salvaging, Monster Hunter, Battlegrounds, Dragon Racing, Public Events, Critter Capture


Thanks! What is salvaging?


Missions revolving around crafting and resource gathering.

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