Reborn game crashes


During the beta 6 and 7 (probably previous ones too, I’ve forgotten now) the game would close itself whilst it seemed like I did nothing. usually I would just be minding my own business in Highsteppe and then the game would just close itself. I sent bug report logs through the beta launcher every time I could (sometimes the log must have been too big and wouldn’t send so i had to give up a lot of times).

In the original game this would happen as well so i had to play on alternate web-socket but if i do that now the game won’t load properly on startup. I could log in, get to choose character and then get into the world. But then the world and my character wouldn’t load (also sent some logs for this too). I usually played shaman so first I would notice the totems aren’t spawning, then i find mobs and players are frozen, if i try to walk to another zone no mobs load and the menu would open but the log out button and inventory wouldn’t respond.

I have my graphics on low and use a Vive.

In summary I would have to either use default web-socket and have the game close itself unannounced at random points or when i try to fix it with the alternate web-socket the game wouldn’t load properly.

Can you see the logs and have any idea of a potential fix? Some days this bug will really test my patience and other days it doesn’t seem to happen (or I’m just becoming used to it :expressionless:)


We got the output log and will look at them over the next couple days. Thanks for sending in the logs.

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Any update on this?

It just happened to me again and I have sent the logs via email to Riley.


Taking a look now. if you can send me your output log after you try to connect on the Websocket (Alternate) option and it doesn’t work at all, I can look at that too.


I had 2 game crashes today too, but only during public events, was not able to move anymore and then the game crashes, I’m on default, that never happened before during events or something, forgot to save the logs for these crashes will send them too if that happens tomorrow again


Crash as in the whole game crashed to the desktop, or you got disconnected back to the login screen?


Crashes to the desktop