Reborn graphics


Will the new graphics apply to the whole game or just new areas that are built?


The whole game is new. You won’t recognize most (if not all) of the area’s. So basically the whole game.


Thats cool, I really hope they get it working on the quest at some point to as I’m buying one as a partial upgrade to my rift for better resolution for watching films and stuff


very nice. Even more important than how monsters and their enviroment look, animations are the most important thing for me in general in games. I mean if I’m going to block an incoming monster attack over 1000 times with my shield as a main occupation in my daily playtime you easily see that the way that animation happens and ‘connects’ with my shield (as well as the accompanying soiund ) will be fundamental for immersion. If it feels ‘wrong’ it can really put you off and take away immersion and interest in the game. Same for me retaliating with my sword attack after succesfully blocking…


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