Reborn is launching April 23, and we'll be coming to Oculus Quest too!


Hey folks, some big news today, check it out!

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Best news ever!!! Can’t wait for the quest to be released now


This is FANTASTIC news. Any ideas how crossplay works if im using the same oculus account on Rift/Quest?

Was hoping to be able to cross play with my partner on the same oculus account, but if its not possible i understand.

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Awesome! Will there be an option for people who backed in beta to get a Quest key? I chose steam as my platform since I had no idea it’d come to Quest, and my PCVR headset is a Vive, but I’d much rather play it on the Quest.


I will be buying a quest for orbus on the quest. I’d love to see a recruit a friend program added into the game. I’ll be more inclined to bribe friends to get the game. Or I’ll just buy them copies myself if it comes with a cool reward :stuck_out_tongue: give us the rocket passenger mount that WoW used for recruit a friend :wink: lol


I hope for localization on the release (not even at its best, but something would be) I’m a player from Russia, it will also be interesting how it will look like on the quest) maybe I will buy it for the game too)


Will you be able to play on the quest with the same account?


Same account yes. Everything will be cross platform. You may have to buy the game again though unless you bought it via oculus store.


the real question is, WHO WAS WHO IN THE TRAILER?!?!?!?!?!


Also, it shows ducking as a mechanic! Interesting…

I’ll have to give it a try

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I guarantee its a style for the video and not an actual mechanic like it shows in the trailer. The only time ducking could be useful is to dodge projectiles.

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So they showed Boss 1 of Crypt with his laser and… showed the wrong mechanic for appearance’s sake?


Did you try ducking under it?


I have not. Have you?

Edit: that was my point. I wanted to try it


Not yet but I’m super curious so I’ll probably check it out tomorrow or Friday if no one else does :sweat_smile:

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I recall seeing somebody sit on the floor and not get hit by a beam… so it totally could be a thing


Just tested this. You can NOT duck and avoid it. Basically planked Face down on the floor. Still died to the beam.


Can this be a thing? I know it could be cheesed but still…

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That particular attack is meant to make you run around in a circle so it’s not one you can duck, but we have plans to play with some height stuff during some Raid mechanics, yeah.

The trailer took a bit of artistic license at the direction of the company that made it, which is why they are doing that.