Reborn Patch 10.762


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a quick patch going out on the server and client here shortly.

  • Monsters will no longer call for help in dungeons.
  • When you select an item in your inventory, we will now helpfully dim all the slots that you can’t equip it to, to make it more obvious what you should do with that item.
  • Fixed issues with the rock golem pet.
  • Added a menu option to turn off the Dragon Racing fade to black.
  • Spell checked some signs.
  • Updated some mission spawners to have the correct mobs.
  • The player’s tombstone is now a bit shorter to keep the “You Perished” menu from interacting with it if you are sitting down.
  • Updated the color chart in the Player House.
  • Updated some inventory icons that were incorrect.
  • Did some work on the server-side latency spike issue.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing reputation not to be earned from turning in lore quests. During the server downtime, a script will be run to give the correct reputation to everyone who has already done these quests.



Riley, this is awesome. You’re really paying attention to the feedback on the forums and it shows. Wish more dev teams were like this.



Indeed. I see at least 3 items from feedback I read today. Nice turn around. :smiley:


still waiting for broken halls to be fixed :wink: then I will start doing dungeons again.


Ooor you just do all dungeons expect for broken halls. Just like old times everything except for Tradu Crypt XD


Nah… There are only 4 dungeons… a 25% chance of a brick wall RNG encounter just isnt fun. Id rather wait.


Not getting the update through oculus.


It is still pushing out. The server side is live. You don’t have to have it to jump back in if you just want to go for it, you just won’t have the new client-side stuff like the inventory highlighting til you get it.


I just submitted it so it should show up any minute.


I’ve been reading a lot of the threads and this patch is fixing those problems. You guys are on the ball and really listen. If this is any indication of the fiture of the game I am really excited


I tried going in without the patch, it just kicks me out with the remote closed connection the second Im logged in. But thanks for the reply


Hmmm…that’s odd. Let me know if it still does that post-patch.


Oh, also, just a reminder before I forget, if folks are still having the Scoundrel Card bug, please send me your logs as there is new info in there to help me squash that once and for all.

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would it be possible to add an in game menu option to submit a log/note?

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The pack of 4 enemies that was added on the balcony by the last boss in Broken Hall keeps leashing because the balcony is a leash point for the rest of the room. Also enemies are still agroing through walls in this zone.

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Okay, sorry about that, we didn’t really have a ton of time to check them as they were added last minute. However, we are working on a more complete patch for the Broken Halls overall and should have it done before the weekend I hope.


Having an issue advancing the “Highsteppe Hero?” quest. The NPC gives me a response that doesn’t advance it.

Also, the naming on the mobs for the quest New Agents of Darkness being 3/4ths the same but technically different entity IDs makes it potentially confusing.


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I think that was the text I saw when I hadn’t “gotten the details” from the vendor. Go back and talk and it should change to tell you to find him


This works great, but only if what you want to do is switch your gear. If you click on an item in your inventory to, say, move it, then once you place it somewhere else, all equipped items remain dimmed until you select a new item or close out of inventory. Similarly, if you destroy an item, the slot that item would have been for remains highlighted


We’ve addressed the issue with destroying an item not un-dimming the equipment slots. That should go out with the next client side patch.

You’re saying that if you grab a piece of equipment and put it into a different spot in your inventory that it doesn’t fix the dimming?