Reborn Patch 10.842


There is a small patch going out this morning with the following changes/fixes:

  • In order to focus an enemy (to see their bar enlarged), now you point at the enemy for 1.5 seconds. In addition, there is a vibration that will occur and increase in strength during that time to indicate that you are pointing at a creature successfully.
  • There is a new menu option that has been added which allows you to disable the focus bars feature, including both the pointing-to-activate and the auto-activate-in-combat.
  • Fixed a couple of Scoundrel bugs, including the VFX sometimes triggering for a weapon charge when the weapon was sheathed.
  • Fixed the defense zones during pubic events showing as the opposite color.
  • Updated the Salvaging mission icon to make more sense :slight_smile:



What made you go with the vibration solution instead of some subtle highlighting or another solution? The problem has always been as far as I know, that we do not know if we are actually pointing at the correct enemy. I’d need to try it but it sounds like it is half solving the over all features user interaction problems.


I think long-term we are planning to add either a laser pointer or highlighting, this was just a quick solution that was added in while we were adding in the menu. It’s definitely not the final version.


I think that answered my question thanks!


Should be live now on Oculus and Steam. Thanks!


Use the tagger too to make the enemy name enlarge perhaps


@Riley_D lag spicks in orbus reborn every time i shoot a spell


Can you send me your output log when you get a chance?


sure but will be late


@Riley_D there is no pinecones in orbusvr reborn only way to get pinecones is loot chest is there a area in orbusvr reborn that have the pinecones

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This isn’t fixed, it broke more, before it was only Hulthains Basin that was opposite, now old growth is too


Just to be sure the correct way would be the zone is red when the enemies occupy it and green when the players occupy it, and it’s the opposite of that now?

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Yes. 20 characters


Yes it’s currently opposite to that right now

Also the trees that enrage the world boss are bugged out and won’t take damage. can you do a zone reset for us please?


I just reset the zone.

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I was probably one of the few that did not have a major issue with the original method and didn’t end up with all the problems. I do think that this feels more controlled, but also believe 1.5s is too long. Maybe 1s?


The original method was better… but there was no indicator as to which enemy you are targeting… Hence it did not work properly… As I would be getting the health bar of the wrong enemy half the time…

As it stands right now… It appears that a single ray cast of sorts is sent forward… Instead of taking the target closest to the center of a given frontal cone using Vector3.Distance or similar… It appears that it expects a single raycast hits the hitbox of the enemy… Which is really dodgy because no one can ‘no scope’ an enemies hitbox reliable and a QoL feature should never be a ‘new skill’ to pick up. Maybe I am wrong in how that mechanic works… But that is what it feels like.


We’re not done working on this and as I said there will be some kind of laser pointer or other indicator to help you aim it, for sure.


Is there any chance of getting relocation anchor for all classes and items (compass, pick axe, etc)


they’ve said they will probably do that, I really hope they do.