Reborn Patch 10.852


A small client-side patch has gone out for PCVR on Oculus and Steam with the following changes:

  • In the Airship Dungeon, the line attack of Boss 2 will now result in a DoT being placed on any targets hit by the attack, rather than instant-death.
  • The amount of damage dealt by the poison pool in the Rat Boss fight of the Sewer Dungeon has been reduced in shard dungeons by a bit.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a collider on the Paladin Hammer to intercept spells/arrows from other players.



Yay, faster paladin death in PvP! :ghost: at least we’ll go down honorably…

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No it’s not dispellable, and if you don’t heal it, it will still kill you. The change was made to give healers the opportunity to react to that situation and maybe save a party member.


Will it stack? I.e. if you get hit by two bolts will you take 2 dots?


No it’s just one DoT. No stacking.


phew thats some good news for @Chezil then.


Ok why not, however the line attacks never posed such a problem. Don’t know about higher shards but it’s plain visible where it is at and after some practice people could go either to the hole or around it, easily. What plagued us in groups even on low shards was rather the first boss with his invisible huge AoE of the falling balls. It seems impossible to predict how far you have to stand, where you are safe, exactly, where not, wished there’s some indicator to cope with that.

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I mean the group is still going to have to do the mechanic and dodge the line/go through the hole, especially on higher shards I think the DoT should be powerful enough that’s it’s basically a death sentence anyway. However on non-shard runs and lower shards if you have one group member mess up and the healer is on it, they may be able to prevent a catastrophe now.

This is also us secretly testing out different ideas for Raid content (e.g. do we do "instant punishing death if you mess up one time or maybe give you the opportunity to fix it) so feel free to let us know if we have the tuning right on this or not as that will be helpful info going forward.


I also assume that this won’t be the only thing for healers. Because as said before healers want to feel useful even if the group is perfect. And this is more of an only unskilled group healer mechanic.

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normal mode; let people fix it for MOST mechanics (should still be killer moves).
hard mode; nope. punish them


Definitely not the only thing for healers, haha.


please balance the warrior level 30 talent or increase the provoke heals for pve


Okay so the client side patch that went out didn’t actually have the Paladin hammer fix in it yet, sorry for that. New small patch going out now that has the actual update in it. Just FYI.


provoke heals do not need a buff, but the talent does need looking at

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yes i agree with you potato but its harder to keep constant provoke heals if the adds move so much and sheild breaks fast


probably the scoundrel ult also needs to be looked at… it is pretty garbage in pve as it prevents you from keeping up your showing off buff.


also (at least last time I checked) will shoot flagged players instead of monsters even in safe areas. No control… also misfires if you’re charging shots and burning cards


Just a reminder that the new health bar enlarging method does not work for focusing… I still cannot get it at all… and I cannot see the health bars from range so its becoming a problem and putting me off shards at the moment… Can you bring back at least the old way as an option until the new highlighting method is in place? Cheers.

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Most avid advocate to change it… Asks for it back (at least for now) :laughing: