Regarding exp gains while in a party

So I have been playing all day and I have been going in and out of being in a group and I have noticed that while I am hunting mobs solo, I get significantly more exp than I do while in a group. For example, I was fighting boars in the jungle that were many levels higher than me and I got 945 exp per kill. Then when my group caught up to where I was and we killed another boat together I only got 385 exp. I’m just wondering if this is a bug or not, because it seems that you could level up much quicker solo than in a group, you would just have a less likely chance to win the encounter.

I am guessing you had a party of 4 people when you got the 385 xp. If you think about it, you are getting more xp per kill, because you kill the mob 4x as fast with 4 people. (with a group of 3 it was still bonus, or 5 people it was way more bonus xp.)

Also if you weren’t in a party, but just a bunch of players together, then you share the xp with respect to the amount of damage you do.

I also found the blog post with the new xp logic if you want to read it:
(Don’t get fooled by the link title, it has a chapter “XP System Rework” after the runemage)

I think the way the math works out (approximately) as long as you are killing things around 3x faster than you do solo, you are getting way more XP in a group. Keep in mind it’s also tuned assuming you are getting a decent group XP bonus added in – so for the first kill or two it may not be as beneficial, but once you get to 1.4x+ you’re basically getting like 40% of the XP for the kill you would have solo, and obviously you’re going to be killing things much faster with many more people around.

In higher-level content like the Wilds, the groups will essentially be tuned to require a group (like a dungeon pull, with an elite and several other mobs).

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This is probably common sense but I just want to make sure… you have to actually hit a mob while in a group to get EXP right? I was in a party where they would pull three things, and I would only have time to cast a spell on one before they died. Seemed like I didn’t get any EXP for the mobs I couldn’t get a spell on.

I believe you just have to be on the aggro table. So buffing team mates/ pulling mobs works as well.