Regarding keeping levels between tests

Mostly just a question; was this done on purpose?

I TOTALLY appreciate it, even for the 48 hour tests, i rarely had enough time in my days to get my favorite class (Runemage) to level 8, but thanks to us keeping our levels, i was able to get runemage AND musketeer to 8, warrior to 6 and archer to 5. Its REALLY nice to be able to play these classes without repeating the admittedly painful grind over and over across all 4, every other week.

I hope this feature stays in place, as it will let others like me with limited time get to actually play and enjoy the level 8 classes we work so hard for :slight_smile: Thank you for the great update btw, sad that this test is about to end, cant wait for the next one!

Good news! For the next test, you’ll only be losing 4 levels :grimacing:

(Disclaimer: I’m making assumptions.)

Oh heya Zard :smiley: I wish i could change my name so more people would recognize me xD I’m Kabina though.

But great way to be a party pooper, i really wanted to keep my levels, im so tired of repeating the grind desperatly trying to get to the dungeon every other week… only to finally get there and nobody is playing. I think there were 5 people online when i logged in, and 1 was afk in the starting town.

Welp, fingers crossed anyway!

Yeah, so far what has happened is that we’ve been keeping our levels unless a class has been reworked. Two weeks ago we had to relevel runemage and this week we had to relevel warrior and musketeer. This is why you’ll be needing to relevel ranger at some point by zards assumption.
(This way everyone can accurately see what it is like to use the skills each class has as you level up)

So actually go to and change your Display Name on there, then log out and log back in on the forums and it should update it for you.

And @Luvstosmooch is correct, the only level that will get reset before the next test is the Ranger level.

Ahh so that’s whats going on! Makes sense now, i did remember having at least a level or 2 on warrior after last test and came back to a level 1. Honestly, THAT i’m perfectly fine with and i can’t wait to see what comes of the ranger update! Btw just as a side question, does anyone know what the 4th icon is for the ranger skills? I know one is charge, one is poison, one is the flame arrow storm, but the 4th doesnt seem to trigger for anything, not even the ultimate.

and @Riley_D thank you very very much! This is a thousand times better :smiley: And great job on the game too, i decided to explore last night since there was nobody else on and i was shocked how many locations there were that i never even heard people talk about… the bar, the waterfall, that weird empty field down the opposite branching path from the dungeon, that strange outpost up in the mountains… AMAZING work, i really can’t wait to explore this game more in the future!