Remove "B" menu trigger - move to & improve the compass/journal


[A] The compass/journal is pretty cool. It could be improved to do a lot more. Since we are moving towards like interactive maps, missions/talents in your equipment… why not find a way to transition these menu’s into a cooler papery-looking menu options in your journal? Important to note, this would require a redesign of the journal such that this would actually look good and make sense. You’d also need to teach players right away (or they will just ask the first player they see). When you open the journal, you’re basically met with a “front page” similar to when you press your “B” button now, but in journal form.

[B] This gives us a new button! Imagine the possibilities!

  • A whole new button for abilities, etc?? AND a cool Journal GUI?
  • I don’t like having more gameplay options, no thank you.

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i mean the ‘B’ menu trigger is already an option you can swap out for push to talk.


on one hand yea


Lol the ‘options’ in this ‘poll’ are really interesting … not manipulative at all haha.