Remove Highsteppe NPC Icons appearing through walls

When I first walked into Highsteppe I thought I was experiencing a visual glitch. That is, I could see icons through walls for various NPCs. I later realized this was intentional. Seeing these icons through the walls totally removes my ability to be immersed in the town, as my eyes immediately are drawn to these icons. I get the point, I think, its to not get lost and find NPCs?

I see a couple possibilities.

  • (I suggest this) Add something at the center of town like a guide which will temporarily show you the icon when you ask it to, going away when you leave town or walk next to the icon’s location. (or draw a path from where the player is to where the icon is that they can follow). Give this guide several quests so that new players are drawn to it, each quest being to visit the various NPCs in town. Give it a dialogue box above it’s head so that players can find it easily later.
  • Add a toggle to hide/remove these icons

I believe that they only show when you have weeklies available, I find it helpful

I was just thinking this evening it’d be nice to have an option to disable that feature. Its nice that it directs new players to the quest givers (which was a problem before). But once you learn were they are it just clutters up the place visually.

EDIT: It occurs to me, it could be bundled with the option that enables/disables the tutorial messages.


I’m not saying remove it, I’m saying allow the option to remove it.
(okay re-reading I guess option #3, I’ll just remove that)

oh, yesh would be cool to turn off, as well as the map

You can turn off the map from the player menu under Settings->Graphics

We could probably visit this idea if we have time available. Thanks for the suggestion


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