Remove Paladin Treasure Map

There is a overworld map in hulthines basin that requires you to have a paladin to reach. This is a disadvantage to those who don’t have that class or don’t know of that place m.


There is also one in wastelands that you can’t reach without either paladin teleport, shaman totemic call or skywalking.


Image 1534

Or add overworld climbing to get to them


I actually enjoyed having to switch class to get to it. :sweat_smile:

Everyone should at leash pick up all classes, if you haven’t, returning to highstep to pick up the class is not that hard

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I kinda liked the idea of using paladin or shaman totem teleport to get across too, even if I haven’t had those maps yet

I like the idea behind it but I did not expected it, I had a map and thought it was not intended so I recorded it and sent it to daynab :joy:

ew this idea so bad. Get rid of pali map now :nauseated_face: (big grammar skills)

Shamen is to far

Are you sure? :thinking:

Tested for hulthines map

Is it on that island where the book is? That’s definitely reachable with shaman (this is how I found that book xD)

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Ill have to try again later. I couldn’t get it

Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking

The wastelands one is between two cliffs, a ledge, and a body of water. You can get to it by eather hamerport across the water, glitch thew the cliff that seems to miss the blackout function, or climb the ledge as a shaman.

You can see it from across the water so it’s a nice teaser.

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