Report on various bugs

  1. The Rota Spore quest text mentions collecting 5 Rota spore, but the counter indicates that 20 is required.

  2. For Catch of the Day 3, I’m supposed to have been given a recipe for a lure in my journal (according to the text), but there is no such recipe.

  3. The lures for Catch of the Day 2 and 3 both require small tooth for an ingredient. Since playing in the Head Start, I have yet to loot a small tooth from any creature. I have already killed a few hundred creatures, but so far have only looted lesser eyes and small tongues from them.

  4. I mentioned in the Head Start bug report thread that the first page of the journal appears to sink below the second page and becomes unviewable. At first, I had only noticed it at the beginning of the storyline, but it still persists now.

  5. During Catch of the Day 2, I received two underwater attractors, but their icon was a red question mark, they were considered tools, and their durability never ran out. I also didn’t receive any recipe in my journal on how to make them. I managed to complete Catch of the Day 2 by using the standard lures. The bass dropped for me roughly once every 5 or 6 successful fishing attempts (I had the attractors equipped as a tool, but I don’t know if it had any effect).

  6. While having the attractors equipped, the backgrounds of both tool slots and the pet slot were continually flickering when my inventory was open. The flickering stopped if I removed the attractors.

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Hey Admino! Thanks for the reports.

  1. I believe this has been corrected and the fix will go out in the next patch.

  2. I’ll add this to our tracking system.

  3. You’ll have to battle creatures outside of the greater Highsteppe area to find small teeth.

  4. This is an issue that we’ve been tracking for a while. It’s proving a little trickier to track down.

  5. I could be wrong, but I think the fish scent attractor is a potion. You would activate it by moving it close to your mouth like you do with the compass or just pretending you’re drinking from a bottle of water. There are still a few items in game that have the temporary ? icon. We’re working to get those fixed as quickly as we can. I’ll track the recipe issue.

  6. I’ve added this to our tracking system.

I apologize for any misspellings. I’m on mobile currently.

Hey Damage!

Thanks for the feedback mate.

Oops… just realised you said the “greater Highsteppe area”. I’ve actually wandered quite far and wide to the point where all the mobs have white stars on them (the desert, rainforest, etc.) and still haven’t got anything to drop from anything I could kill.

I’ll keep hunting around and hopefully get something.

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