Reposition Journal Shortcuts

Since only the base of the journal can be grabbed to reposition it, I find myself unintentionally clicking the shortcuts at the bottom and making me lose my place / flip a dozen times to get back to where I need. I did this like 6 times in a row yesterday. I think the tabs would be better suited on literally any other side unless the whole book is made to be grabbable. Maybe vertically on the left or horizontally on the top? Though if on the left or right, depending how people page flip, that could create the same issue. I personally grab the center of the page. Alternatively, maybe making the entire book spine grabbable would be nice.


I thought I was the only one constantly accidentally flipping the tabs while looking at a page. So guess most ppl have the problem.


I second this idea, this catches me all the time…

Id say the shortcuts should be at the top, or make the shortcuts only trigger activated

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