Reproducible Ranger Bugs

  1. When Ranger Trap is on cooldown and you grip and throw from where it would be, it will reset the cooldown.

  2. When you draw a special arrow and then undraw the arrow without shooting it (Shooting the bow when the string isn’t far enough), the special arrow you selected will not reappear until you grip the secondary special arrow.

  3. When you are pulling the string back on your bow and then put away your bow behind your back, the bow will act like it’s still being pulled back and if you put away your arrow then your controllers vibrate as if you are still drawing the bow. You can also get your hand to disappear if you fiddle around with different combinations of this technique.

Not a bug but it’s really annoying that when we kill a monster that the hitbox still remains for about 1-2 seconds and you are basically wasting shots hitting the hitbox instead of the monster that is behind/inside the dead monster.

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