Request for better/louder sound effect for Fireball Totem


I spend a lot of time no-look grabbing orbs from my totems. The Lightning Totem has a very nice, noticeable noise that is great at alerting me a lightning orb is available.

The fireball totem, not so much. I would like to request it be given a louder effect.



Interesting, okay we’ll look into that.


Ehm the nice, noticeable noise is that permanent brrrrrzzzz?! People are different but this drives me crazy, if a 2nd deafening sound like it comes I mute both I guess. Not an issue since there’s a bright visual indicator, yet in dungeons boss sfx are likely more important… same w the bard the permanenr plong plang pling covers these easily. Would make much more sense to indicate totem ready, scoundrel charge ready etc. by short, distinguable noises instead of a carpet covering others.


I’m not playing Throwy McHandbombs to be relaxed and quiet.


Any word on when the Shield Totem is being put into the game? Hopefully before Raids?

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It’s never relaxed and quiet in dungeons or raids, that is exactly my concern… not sure if you were leveling, mainly, so far, but there’s a hell lot of sound effects which you really need to hear instead, in shard dungeons and the upcoming harder group content.