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Orbus as a first VRMMORPG is a very good game and I know that because it’s MMO the main thought of this game is to play it with a group. Even though I must point out that the dynamic scaling is a mechanic that goes hard against solo players. I’d imagine that in dungeons it would apply only to a group of players to give low leveled players a chance of completing that dungeon but for a solo player I’d disable it. Yes there is a dungeon queue but I couldn’t connect to anyone for atleast two weeks now even when I tried it at morning. Please hear this request for all solo players out in Patreyal.


You can two or three man most dungeons, soloing it requiers specific classes, patience and a lot of skill with the levelingscale.

You used to be able to level up a bit and solo it. I know i did that for the dessert dungeon.

Kind of messed it up for the soloplayers, and those playing att odd times, but ask for help in highstep and you should get some aid.


So far any requests to make life for solo players easier have fallen on deaf ears
a game with such a small player base and 80% of that small player base is all max lvls in fellowships shouldn’t be so focused on just making those players happy. No solo player will play this game for long if they don’t do something eventually.
With my time zone / work schedule this game is a barren wasteland every time I log on. The only people I ever encounter are groups of friends already playing together.


It’s a problem for the level 20 players as well, id guess that 80% of my total gametime is doing things solo. Fishing, potionmaking, levelling up alts, exploring, not because I want to, but because no one is online!

It’s nothing new, it’s bin like that for a year. Europe daytime is dead.

Makes me a bit fearful of everything getting level scaled.


Can you give a little more info about what you might be looking for with the soloable dungeons and how we can make them solo player friendly in Reborn? Like, if you can choose to do a dungeon with the monsters as non-scaled 5 when you are 20, is the idea that you are wanting to farm for Level 5 gear? Transmog styles?


I farmed it for the dies, and for the thrill. Usually the dessert one before sharddungeons came out. It was quite a challenge back then.

Mostly I want to be able to kill the bosses. Taking down those giant things by yourself feels really good, even if they give no xp and bad loot.

To be fair I don’t want it to be easy… just doable with every class. And preferably in just a few minutes. (The boss not the dungeon)

But that’s my opinion @dominator3456 it’s your thread :wink:


Many of us farmed the trash mobs in the jungle dungeon for reagents and for dram (selling shards and fishing mats) some also did the bosses for dyes too.

This was just something to solo when there wasn’t enough people online for group content, now the dungeons are level scaled I’ve personally gone around and killed all the mobs I’ve found in the overworld as they are not level scaled, this however is annoying for people that are leveling or questing as when they are there to kill stuff, they are already wiped out


I feel like dungeons should be scaled just for how many people enter it.

If you go in solo, the monsters are scaled to be beatable by a solo player of sufficient level assuming they put some thought into the fights.

For every player that enters in the party the monsters Hp is doubled and dmg increased by 20%
So a party of 5 will receive 100% more dmg and enemies have 500% more HP
But those numbers would basically be how the dungeons currently are.

Or just have a difficulty selection when you enter
Easy, Med, Hard, and Legendary or shard
Easy med and hard would all be available for all players, the legendary or shards for lv 20+
So solo players can pick easy for MSQ purposes, but if they want a challenge they can try to solo on medium or hard, and medium and hard give more exp and higher drop rates.


This is mentioned often and yet if I just look over my shoulder back after clearing an area I can already see the respawn so that issue can easily be fixed with even lower respawn timers in case an area gets ever overfarmed. I still believe an (unscaled) overworld is perfect for farming, at least at times where there’s low playercounts hence nothing else to do.

Other than that I think there should be a balance between group content and solo content and it is not normally the case one dungeon provides everything, that would be incredibly boring.
More complicated Boss mechanics always require different classes to assist each other, mainly a tank who takes the aggro, but does not much dmg, hence you need dmg dealers etc. That is what people expect in an MMO endgame dungeon, right? With an attractive and working queue for randoms it will hopefully be easier collecting those who are online and willing to do this content.

And apart from group content there is other content to expect which is fun to do solo. I currently play an old MMO (Tera) which offers solo dungeons (and also those for 3 players which are pretty easy to find groups for) but these in return can’t be entered in groups, that would be pointless.
A little bit of a problem in Orbus is also to make any content solo-able with all classes. I don’t see how the musky soloes level-scaled healers, for example, interrupt is fine but it still takes very long, the warrior also got way longer fights than for example the mage which AoEs stuff away in no time with spreading dots. Just my two cents on this as someone having the same issue of unfortunately playing at times with low playercount, mostly.


I am another player who mainly solos just because the time im uselly on no one else is. 4am - 7am eastern. I’ve got my main all level 20s by soloing and completed every quest including all side quests. Created an alt. Because I can never run raids or shards thanks to nobody being on. Got 2 level 20s on the alt. Well 1 level 20 and a 19. Finished main quest with that, just a few side quests. I used to log in every day and solo a dungeon or 2. Now after the level scaling find my self only logging in for defend the realm. I’m really worried about level scaling in remote being that I mostly solo. I love the game and it would be a shame if I was not able to play any more cause of scaling. I would hate to see this game decrease In size instead of grow in reborn because people like me and a bunch of others rely on soloing. I thing playing with other people and groups is fine, however I don’t think it should be something depended on. Frankly sometimes I like just going it alone, no to get mad at me if I mess up.


As a fully geared level 20 mage you can easily clear all the dungeons by yourself except for the plant boss in rain forest and stone giant in the corner path dungeon.


Oh goody, I’ll just level up and gear up a mage so that I can clear zones that I was clearing before like a beast on my muski and archer mains. That sounds super duper fun. /s Let’s get real here, there are a good chunk of us that just straight up stopped putting as much time in to the game when this stuff started. It was fun to cruise the old dungeons for dyes, reagents, transmog gear, and a bit of cash. It was something to do while you worked on organizing something, and let’s be honest in the past couple weeks it has gotten harder and takes longer to get group content going.


not saying its stupid that we can’t clear as we used to and I agree it was fun, i was just stating that you can still clear easily as a geared level 20 mage, nothing more.


Exactly my thought, I was thinking about it from the update that brought dynamic scaling and I came up with a nearly same idea. The dungeons, in my opinion should definitely have a difficulty selection and if not, the scaling by number of players in the dungeon is just perfect. Though the bonus HP would be pointless with the damage boost, this is exactly what I meant.


Same here, same here


Don’t get me wrong, you’ve done more than great work with Orbusvr and it’s still getting better and better. The dynamic scaling is pretty well done as well, but I’d rather see something like Justin_E1 has mentioned. Thank you for your attitude, you’re all doing a great work.


I didn’t hate the idea of having mobs scaled at your level and front and 2 behind. Personally I’d like all creatures to be same level. Like all retails no matter where in the world would always be level 2 and say all swine be level 6 and all stag something like 16 and so on. If you like you can make different sizes of the same creature for harder levels. Like smaller retails level 2 bigger ones level 18 or something. Like in real life bunnies are easy to kill. So they should be easy to kill no matter where in the world they are. Something like tigers are hard to kill so should have to be higher level to kill. Well I trust you guys I’m sure you will adress this to some degree. I’m sure what ever it is will be great and orbusvr reborn will be loads of fun for many weeks, months if not more. I really look forward to it and the next bata test. Thanks keep up the good work.


Okay, well this is all good info, thanks!

We can certainly consider adding a non-scaling mode to the dungeons in Reborn so that if you just want to take a shot at it solo, you can. Of course the rewards will be based on the level the monsters are set to at that point instead of scaling up to your own level.

Dungeons are primarily meant to be group content and they will always be designed that way (e.g. we’re going to put groups of mobs, we’re going to design the mechanics assuming multiple people are participating in the fight, we’re going to assume you have a tank and a healer, etc.) But certainly if you just want to take on the challenge of the dungeon yourself I don’t see any reason you can’t do that.

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