[REQUEST] Nerf mobs that heal themselves


I say this as two things;

  1. As a Musketeer healer that parties with a Warrior
  2. As a Ranger that solos

Healing on mobs is both too powerful, and too frequent. My poor wife plays Warrior, and yesterday we had to kill a bunch of the Valusion Runics or whatever you call the healing-staff frog people in the jungle. The mixture of our combined low-damage output coupled with the frequent-full-heals employed by the healers made these fights a nightmare. Gravity Orbs doesn’t seem to stop the heal either.

When I was around level 4-5 on my Ranger, the Skogtrolls would heal themselves to full and I had no way of stopping them from doing it.

When I played with some fellowship members the other day, we fought Runic Wargs up near a temple in the Lucian Plateau. Because we were in a group, we ended up pulling like 3-4 of these at the same time. All they did was spam heal on each other non-stop, the fight went on for about 9 minutes and was finally stopped due to some lucky crits pushing us just over the threshold that they could heal. Another situation where I had to pity our poor warrior that was swinging their arms off trying to keep up with the heals.

But maybe they don’t need heals. Maybe classes themselves just need some QoL buffs to deal with healers. Here’s some examples;

  1. Ranger and Musketeer Poison ammunition could reduce an enemies healing strength considerably. I believe Musky has a healing pvp debuff of some form…
  2. Warrior Horn could serve as an “interrupt”
  3. Rune Mage is fine, they have Pushback and already do more damage than the enemies can heal in the first place from my experience.