[REQUEST] Shield appearances, and do they have to be transparent?


With the announcement of a better x-mog feature in the future, it would be nice if Shields were more customizable.

I know that one of the reasons why we don’t have alternate appearances is because shields are transparent, but then I have to wonder if the transparency is even really needed? When you get good with the shield, you only really hold it up for a split second while you block a timed attack. Even when you’re new at it, there’s not so much an importance to being able to see through your shield - nor does it even make sense to do so.

I know another reason is to be able to visually identify whether a shield is a “round shield” or “large shield” by other players. I think this could still be accomplished just by making the round shield more like a “buckler”, wherein that it is obviously very noticeably smaller than the large shield.

So yeah, just wanted to say that it would be nice to have different shield appearances as the game continues to grow.



Maybe even have different shields with Stats/Shield health, Still using the Small/Large types just with a bunch more models. Having the shield transparent is needed while it isn’t immersive it helps a lot when tanking packs of mobs in Dungeons/Raids. Having it transparent with it’s normal texture i.e brown wood or grey metal instead of bright blue would be a welcomed change.


I really like the idea of upgrades to the basic shields. It would help make it more immersive, and give me more treasure to find.


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