(Resolved) Can't move at all

was playing fine last night until i couldn’t move anymore. teleport or smooth locomotion. reinstalled the game, no change. oculus rift, windows 10.

seems it’s only with my main, as i created an alt and can move just fine.

Is it possible you’d be severely overencumbered?

omfg. you know i swear ive seen the weight higher before and was still able to move.

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Being overcucumbered in reborn is a lot less forgiving than in old orbus, as soon as the weight goes red, you can’t do much about it, depending where you are, you can paladin hammer teleport but that doesn’t work in highsteppe, in old orbus, you could still move slightly, in reborn you can’t (should be changed to how it used to be for this part) in old orbus you could log out and back in, when you logged in you would be able to do 1 full teleport before having no stamina left so you could just relog a few times to get back home to deposit your extra stuff which was super handy for moving lots of potions on to a stall or something

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Honestly I think the weight of potions should be lowered. Especially considering one of the new main story quests requires 20 health potions, which caused me to be over-encumbered. It’s funny how a potion weighs more than 2 full sets of armor.

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Tbh if they actually want to make a more used pack mule potion they should have added one that lasts like 2 mins and tripples your weight. For storage movement situations like that.


I’ve been ageing the pack mule pots from reward chests and using them when I need to boost my weight, I also have +5 carry weight from leveling perks but when I miss the bid on my stall I still have to do lots of trips to move the pots to my new stall

I second all that was said, but this would truly be the best way. We are having dungeons like temple or mine now where people take up to 10 healing potions with them, and since today there is one more potion you best take with you for higher shards (I take 2 of each enhanced, at least, for 2h playing, that is 10 alltogether, plus some speed and luck).
I would love to help people out with potions, yet I can’t, I just take what I really need, then a few sets are dropping from dungeons or levelup chests and bam i’m already close to overencumbered.

Also crafting potions, taking them to the cellar to age (why the heck do we have weight restrictions IN our house anyways?!) and taking them to the market stall is just tedious for no reason.

Potions should be 0.1 like gear, that would fix alot of issues.

PS: I would not craft a pack mule potion which lasts 2 mins, i’m not that organized that I can do my stuff in that timeframe… Wasting mats for a potion just to handle your potions is pretty dull anyways. I only ever use pack mules for transporting shards to the shard vendor, but yea it does not add much, so mostly I ignore it and go several times.

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