(RESOLVED) Deleted character 😞

I don’t know what happened, but my character “Costco” got deleted, I lost connection and closed the game, and when I opened it back up, my alt was still there, but not Costco…

Oof. We played together a few days ago.

Message one of the staff, such as @Mathieu_D and they might be able to help you. From what I understand, making another Costco will make it take longer to recover.

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Yea, I did, and I’m holdin off on another Costco acct, I read a lotta the other things, so I’m not too worried, I’ll probs have to wait till tomorrow tho since it’s late

Wait for Mathieu. He got mine back in 2 days. These devs are awesome!

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Yea, I messaged him, heard quiet a few good things