(Resolved) Dungeon Queue declining- After Patch

The dungeon queue is not functioning after patch, it is staying on the screen at class selection and then auto declining.

UPDATE: rebooting and relogging did not correct, issue remains.

Thanks for posting (and welcome to the forums), we are currently tracking this down and seems to be related to the Shard Roll Prompt we put in. We will update when we have a patch for it. Thanks again.

thanks for the quick response, and thanks for the welcome.

Patch should be live now.

rebooted and logged back in, same issue- Oculus quest- will try once more.

UPDATE: Queue still declined- pick a role screen still stays up until aborted.

UPDATE: Patch Appeared in Oculus store about an hour after deployment- recommend you restart your quest and refresh the store if you are still encountering the dungeon queue bug.

The “fix”…was it to remove the prompt?
I did shards last night and I was never prompted to accept anything when accepting or declining the roll.

Looks like it’s still working correctly on our side, has anyone else been experiencing this also since the patch?

So I guess, by “prompt” you meant that it’s another colour for a second before going black?
barely noticeable but it works.

Ran multiple shards today. Working fine on my end.

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Mishka, do you actually get a prompt? or do you get what I described above your post?

For entering dungeon queue everything is working normal (except when I hit abort it seems to place me in the queue anyway)

For shard rolls, the prompt for rolling appears greyed out for a few seconds, then allows me to select an option.

Okay, so we are on the same page. I didn’t do the queue, so it’s interesting that it’s behaving this way. I did notice recently though, when I cancel a dungeon queue, it sometimes doesn’t cancel it.

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That should be fixed since yesterday around noon, did you experience it after that?

Checked just now. No longer happening. <3