[Resolved] I deleted my main account PLEASE HELP!

Please help idk why i logged on and deleted my dam ranger at level 23 i didnt even mean too at all im like really bugging out please can you help me his name is porkmilk!!

Message @Mathieu_D here on the forums and he can restore it for you

i did i hope he can do it soon

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Is there anyone who can help me get my Character back please I can’t even make a new topic I’m losing my mind I message the admin but all I got was a reply to fill out information about myself how does it help me with my character unless it was an automated system but whatever I just want my ranger please help

It could be an automated system or it could be a way to verify that you are who you say your are (I can’t see your PMs, so I have no idea what you got as a reply).

If anything, just make sure you don’t make another character of the same name. It is new years eve. Plenty of people are on holiday until the 2nd and this could be one of those times.
Unfortunately, if they are on holiday, you’ll probably have to wait.
If they aren’t on holiday, then I guess verify you have the right person and ask to see if you actually need to fill out that information or not.

Yeah I messaged him I got a automated reply from the Dev I filled out my summary about myself but sadly I did make a character with the same name by mistake I just want to see if I can add a 2.0 and apparently you can the thing is is that I took so much time and effort out of my day to play something that I like and this is something that I like through my mistake of deleting my own freaking character Chyna ruined it and it’s really not making me wanna play again I put too much time But I’m hoping they can reply soon because I’m bored as hell and this is really the only MMO that’s got my attention

One thing you learn if you deal with a lot of tech work is: If you accidentally delete something, don’t touch anything until you recover the data.

I don’t know if they’ll be able to recover your character now that you’ve made another, but who knows what they can do on their end.

If they can’t, on the positive side, if you were only level 23 (I know that still could be 2 weeks worth of work depending on your pace), you can probably get a few sympathetic people to help you get back to where you were and it should go faster this time (unless you lost seasonal stuff from before this event) since you should know how to do things now.

Just wanted to post and let you know we can definitely recover the original charchter, but it takes more time if there are two of the same name. Im not sure if we will be able to get it done today or this weekend but will be able to do it monday if not.


Robert I trust you bro I’m also a Robert too!!! Please bro whenever you can it would be greatly appreciated you have no idea

Yeah I have another character I’ve been working on like literally right now but I’m taking a break but to be honest I would prefer my archer out of any other character

This is a little bit off topic, but you know you can play all the classes on one character, right?

Yeah I know that but the thing is My character my my ranger my pride and joy that I put countless hours on is the only thing I want I could care less about any other classes until I hit 30 and max out my gear like that’s my goal like I’m really hard-core into MMO’s I played all the world of Warcraft for almost 16 years And also RuneScape on top of that but I’ve never experienced something like this before and so far it was really good but then when you accidentally do something dumb it hurts

Well, at least the positive side is that it seems like as long as you can be patient for a few days, you’ll get your ranger back.