(Resolved) Log in issue at character select screen

I’m at the character select screen, but my characters won’t load. I get a message about my game not being up to date. I restarted Steam and had the same issue. I uninstalled, deleted all Orbus files, and then reinstalled and am getting the same error message. What should I do to get this fixed?

same here broski… :frowning:

Can you double check and see that you have version 15.03 downloaded and installed? It should show in your notifications that the app had an update

Also make sure you’re signed into chat/available for friends to see online. That prevented me from logging in multiple times.

This seems to be unique to steam users.

Sorry I apologize I missed updating one of the channels for steam. I think you should have the update now.


i also cant log in in the steam client

theres a update on steam now i can log in after

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I just received an update and it’s working for me as well.

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